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  1. Greetings, Not long ago I decided to take a chance and try out the new GBB kit for the PTS ACR from Beta Project. The quality of the externals was fairly good in comparison to the quality of the stock PTS parts, my only fuss being the aluminum internals. The problems started within the first 150 rounds through the gun, the issues being bbs rolling out the barrel and shots without rounds. Thinking that it was a problem with the loading nozzle, I replaced the stock nozzle with a G&P NPAS system. Yet the problems persist with the addition of the gun now only loading 2 rounds on full auto with the rest being dry. I am now beginning to think the problem is the G&P 50 round standard mag that I have been using which does seem to fit a little loose in the mag well. I am not familiar with WA systems, and have been trying to learn from the function of this kit. Has anyone had similar problems to this or have any other ideas as to why this could be happening?
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