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  1. Hello all, i like alot of others going are worried about the weather, what will happen if the rain get super bad as it is forcasted currently?
  2. so i setup my UV-5R yesterday and got all the frequencies set but unfortunately i dont know what tone setting goes with each freq. does anyone have a guide on this?
  3. what is the tone setttings? im new to radios so i dont know much about them
  4. @THEJP Do i need any other Radio settings set other than just the stock frequency? such as Tone Squelch or DTCS code? or what about tone mode?
  5. ive gotten two emails, one from high command and one from platoon lead. ive got the radio matrix now so ill be setting up my radio.
  6. thanks for the info! when will the COST radio matrix be released?
  7. um, 7pm is not even night in late spring to early summer, but ok.
  8. um, what time is the night evolution? its not listed under the schedule and i cant seem to find it anywhere. what time does it start and what extra stuff do i need?
  9. Yes! i actually play at High ground airsoft every 2-3 weeks, im going to operation southern front with another friend who also plays at HGA. what team are you going to be on? i picked COST because M81 blouse and trousers are erm... COST effective. my friend will be on the same team.
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