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  1. So, i dont mean to be that guy but... is there a possibility of the event being cancelled for the corona virus or will this just be CBRN soft? If it does get cancelled, should we expect a refund or just a credit toward another operation? Thanks. -sloth
  2. Is it confirmed for there to be a night evolution?
  3. Yes, I suggest getting a programming cable and learning how to program the radio for different frequencies. Also, I highly suggest getting a chart that shows all non licensed frequencies. The exception is milsim’s in which case they will tell you what frequency to use.
  4. A typical weekend for milsim OP is the following: 7:30am, arrive and chrono. 8:00prep gear, get body armor on, mags loaded, comms equipment functional and programmed(try to program ahead of time), water carriers filled, backpacks packed and ready to head to spawn. 8:30-9:00; assemble in front of the flag post at formation with your squad leaders and team. ~9:15 head to your squads start locations. After that the operation will start, and your squad leads will lead you from there. I tend to try and stop and eat around 11-12 so I don’t get low blood sugar and pass out mid match. If anyone is diabetic in your group I suggest doing so earlier. As for gear, always bring team specific rain gear (green or tan) spare batteries for everything like comms equipment, red dot sights, guns, etc. make sure you have a red rag to use as a dead rag. If running rifleman loadout, you should expect to need about 5000rnds for the whole weekend. Last year I was a medic and I used less than 5,000 total, prob more than 3000 used. If you run a light machine gun, then bring 10,000-20,000 rounds. I highly suggest checking out infantryshopusa for cheap but high quality BB’s, you should try and buy for you and your friends because shipping costs can be high and it’s better to buy in bulk. ok, so this is a big one, DO NOT come to the event in a camouflage not stated in your teams rule book. Last year guys were showing up in tan helmets, uniforms and gear when they were green team, we had to have those people wear green reflective tape to signify their teams, also, the cadre told everyone that that was going to be the last time it was allowed to happen, from then on, the uniform restrictions are solid and no exceptions will be made unless otherwise stated. Also, depending on your team, understand what you are about to walk into, if you are on COST then wear the deepest green you can because north Texas is super super green in the spring. please try to arrive on Friday. I know it’s an extra night in a hotel or tent but being able to chrono a day early, meet with your squad leaders, get radios and communications working is super important. I highly doubt there will be night ops as there were none last year, however, if there are, you want a flashlight at minimum, and all things that are required under the night ops rule section. As it is your first time you most likely won’t have night vision goggles, but be aware, some people will most likely run night vision. and lastly, expect to be hot, tired, WET, sandy, caked in mud and clay, and look like you just got out of a real war. Get used to the idea that you will most likely play in rain, and crawling around in mud. Last year it rained for 2 hours before the event and a little during, I left caked from head to toe in mud. And then, wiped it off, took a shower, and did it all again the second day. Let me know if you have any other questions. -Sloth
  5. Hello all, i like alot of others going are worried about the weather, what will happen if the rain get super bad as it is forcasted currently?
  6. so i setup my UV-5R yesterday and got all the frequencies set but unfortunately i dont know what tone setting goes with each freq. does anyone have a guide on this?
  7. what is the tone setttings? im new to radios so i dont know much about them
  8. @THEJP Do i need any other Radio settings set other than just the stock frequency? such as Tone Squelch or DTCS code? or what about tone mode?
  9. ive gotten two emails, one from high command and one from platoon lead. ive got the radio matrix now so ill be setting up my radio.
  10. thanks for the info! when will the COST radio matrix be released?
  11. um, 7pm is not even night in late spring to early summer, but ok.
  12. um, what time is the night evolution? its not listed under the schedule and i cant seem to find it anywhere. what time does it start and what extra stuff do i need?
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