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  1. Same here JP, i was actually thinking this would bring crye to their knees because it just seemed like such a cheap move for them, but My size 10 foot is firmly planted in my mouth. You slap these patterns on a JPC or a CPC and you'll have my money faster than my wallet can say Hell nah! Also, Multicam Black is now available for purchase in 500d and soon Nyco
  2. Hey not sure if this is the right place but i did a search and didnt find any posts on it so here it is. As most of you probably know, Crye Precision has released intel on the new Multicam family of patterns, They boast one for every environment and i have to say im impressed with them. Below are the patterns and a field pic with the pattern. I'd have to say im most impressed with ARID. ARID will be the perfect mediator between MC and AOR1 so i think it will be the perfect pattern to run ARID Combats and AOR1 secondline etc. MULTICAM ARID MULTICAM TROPIC MULTICAM ALPINE MULTICAM BLACK
  3. Crye Precision Airframe AOR1 NSWDG Issued
  4. Loki


    "God be Praised!" - Monty Python and the Holy Grail
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    Not really a question, but i would just like to say that i am S^&t kicking myself that me and my guys wont be able to go to this Op. We are coming off a huge reconstruction and are still in the building back process. I would however like to know if this would become a yearly thing? i guess that would depend on how well it went this time, i would just like to throw out there as food for thought that you might potentially have a team of up to 20 guys who would make it their mission in life to attend next year? and potentially rock peoples socks off? lol Seriously disappointed in myself that i cant make it. Oh, even though i will not be attending this one, will there be a Helo? lol
  6. My Callsign "Viking" came about while uprooting a buried tree root. We had to hack some of the roots off to get the main stem up and when it was my turn at the Ax i went to town on the thing. I was growing my beard out for the winter so i was a little scruffy, and after the tree carnage was over all that remained was wood chippings and my best friend said "You have to be related to vikings". And thus was born the name. Six is just a team designation thing.
  7. Yeah there's a guy on another forum who will do the mods for you. the other thing is that i like the HK grip and stock and so far the VFC is the only one to have those true to spec.
  8. i would go with a WE 416 but i am a PMAG fan and they dont make them for WE. So Im going to purchase a VFC 416 in the next month and see how that goes, i hear externally they are the best. It doesnt solve my pmag problem but if i dont get my pmags i might as well get the best externals.
  9. Thanks Whitefox, I feel quite at home here.
  10. You have a great point Suecyde. The best argument i've heard against using gbbrs, which it was more of an argument justifying the use of AEGs, was the fact that both aegs and gbbs are not as accurate as their real steel counterparts, therefor its acceptable to have slightly more ammunition to offset for the lack of accuracy. But i say the heck with it. If i am in a situation with 6 mags,30 rnds each, and i go through 5 of em, being forced into a Do or die (simulated death that is) is great training in critical skills. If you can conserve your ammo using real capacity with the already added deficit of accuracy and make that work, then how much better will you be with a real firearm that has all the more accuracy. Or better yet, if you arent as conservative with your ammo and you find yourself in a 4th and long scenario and your proverbial field goal kicker has a broken ankle, thats quite a challenge to work your way out of that one. And i love being challenged to think critically. You'll never find me throwing my hands up in there air saying "Oh well, i ran out of ammo, i dont have a chance might as well give up." Oh no you wont. I'll pull out the knife before i give in, Not to mention we arent even going into the team aspect of this. Me and my brother (axe devt6g3) have the same GBBR system with different uppers that serve different purposes. So in the event one of us goes down, we can either hand off the whole rifle, or just the uppers. It makes it so much easier and more fun to be able to do that. I love being able to run a pointman style kit with a lighter load and a CQBR primary while carrying a Midrange Upper for those longer distance engagements. Not to mention the pure joy you feel when shooting a GBBR, i think its something AEG guys dont understand either because they've never shot a GBBR or because it just doesnt phase them, but the feeling of recoil (however slight it is) plus the sound of the bolt cycling back and racking forward is pure poetry in motion. It adds a deeper level of immersion to the situation to hear a six man team advancing in a rolling thunder hearing six different GBBRs going off at the same time. Hell of an intimidation factor right there
  11. Im but a humble and noble viking
  12. heres a look at my new secondary. It started out as a testing of the waters to see if there was a cheap alternative that had the quality of a good sidearm. This is the WE G19 gen4. i must say its quite a beast. I got this little honey badger as a happy medium between a Marsoc kit and a Naval Special Warfare Development Group kit. other applicable kits would be CAG and Navy SEALs. I apologize if the secondaries go someplace else, if so i will gladly move it.
  13. The main purpose for this skill to be learned in real world training is in the event your strong side goes down or is inoperable. This is not really a scenario in airsoft or milsim but that doesnt mean its not a skill worth learning and perfecting. I believe it has many uses, some of them being the fact that you will be more confident in your shooting skill being able to switch offhand, also it allows you to come to a corner and switch hands depending on angle and minimal exposure. It will also help you in normal life, being ambidextrous in some areas will allow you to be ambidextrous in others.
  14. My Team is a GBB/GBBR only team. Yes it tends to be more expensive due to the cost of mags and upgrades but they are so much more fun to deal with than AEGs. no wires, no battery boxes, no charging. Take down is realistic, swappable uppers allowing us to interchange depending on mission specs and team needs. Recoil and shooting dynamics as well as mag capacity makes it as close to the real thing as possible without shooting simunitions. Yeah its not cheap, but we think its worth it.
  15. Truly epic advertisement.
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