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  2. Your not the one loosing is only marine and support gunner on his squad =[
  3. They sold out a month ago...
  4. I wonder how many people who think platoon leads will keep up with squads have ever actually left the main road at DDay? Have ever called back to command with two squads to be told yeah we dont care cause super goon seal squad qrf is stuck on the road by the bridge again, all day, and we need you to go save them rather than score points on the undefended parts of the field.. Can anyone tell me who was our platoon lead two years ago when we had TWO tacticals? Yeah that would be me, I could not get ahold of command all day even with vehicle mounted radios. If we are still reloading at FOBs great, otherwise anyone not wanting to play at pegasus all day will be SOL on ammo. I will say great now with less mags on people my support guns will actually be a difference on the field. And with the vehicle changes maybe this year we wont see videos of players straight up cheating in the vehicles, admitting it. and ruining the game for the rest. Either way I will be in the ravines wrecking squads again and again with command putting the fobbits into the meat grinder on the bridge and coleville.
  5. I would hardly say it is "crying" this is the kind of problem we have had in the past with leadership! I wonder where my stuff that got left at a FOB went to last year at BH? Oh thats right command moved locations without tell anyone who was not being a fobbit and I lost a bunch of stuff to the woodelves of oklahoma. When you roll out a new product or change you do not field test it in your largest market share, you roll it out in a "test market" and see how it goes. I know from other promoters that have tried this (myself included) and it was a disaster in that case. Mag restrictions are what they are for those worried about that I could care less. Not like one person checked last year as I had numerous people found running HI caps on the field on both teams, only to be told they diddnt have money for mids etc so to bad. Keep reloading at dedicated spawns, enforce squad respawn,. Kick a player off for not having proper uniform, fix the existing issues before adding new ones! Are we being issued ammo now? Will that be included in my ticket fee? I doubt it as .32 bios are how much? "stop crying" "well see what happens" great response full of answers from people who should know better on these pages.
  6. Not trying to piss in your cereal Alex, I know everyone wants more "Milsim" more "MSW" crap. But I have seen first hand how hard it is to coordinate actual military supply drops, in a non combat situation, much less a fake one, with COD syndrome running rampant I have loved the changes implemented so far in the last couple years, making the game much more enjoyable. This one just has me more worried about not having fun out there than any of them in the past.
  7. I am interested in seeing how this plays out. Huge AO, poor radio skills and breakdowns always plague this event, mixing of ammo with others that you pay for and haul to the event, breakdown of command structure after hour one that always happens ( dont kid yourself we know this is the case) Potential for hours on end sitting and waiting on a resupply that went to cool guy super squad instead... I can see this working out well and good at a smaller AO like ESR but DDAY is MASSIVE. We have seen in previous years it is hard enough to find admin when there is a issue much less your own ammo.
  8. TO whoever picked up my vtac headsets, Since you picked them up at the end of saturday in Costs mobile respawn and apparently decided finders keepers.... ENJOY and if you want my push to talk to go with them message me maybe we can make a deal.
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  10. I was just informed I bought the LAST ticket lol, Way to cut it close I guess.
  11. Looks like High Ground Airsoft will be playing for Cost this year...Big Green Weenie coming for yah UFS.
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  13. Transition


    I miss the days of only two patterns allowed at games. Oh to be old!
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