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    Jerseyman293 reacted to TheJP in Vortex SPARC II vs Aimpoint PRO   
    Literally, no reason to spend 400 dollars on an Airsoft sight unless you plant to use it on RS as well...
    IMO if you just need a Red Dot, get a knock off one for 5080 bucks or whatever they are -- since there isn't recoil the zero should hold. I popsicle mine to my front post and then set my hop-up each event and I am good to go...
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    Jerseyman293 reacted to Quinca in Vortex SPARC II vs Aimpoint PRO   
    Which optic should I get I can get the SPARC II for 173 dollars shipped. I like the idea of the long battery life of the Aimpoint https://tacticsfaq.com/vortex-sparc-ar-vs-aimpoint-aco/. Just not sure I want to spend 400 dollars. Am I going to be disappointed I did not spring for the Aimpoint? 
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