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  1. Really awesome posts guys. I think you all pretty much covered the whole range of things that we saw good and bad. Now we as a whole need to come together and work to solve these issues. My teams motto is "With Honor & Integrity" and I think we should all live by this as we play this sport. Bad apples are very easily weeded out it just takes a little work on all our parts to help AMS fix these issues. Because after all it starts with us since we are the players. This is a sport to be played with HONOR so lets just do it. As for the ones with hot tempers on the field..... REMEMBER THIS IS A GAME......NOT REAL,,,,, Ok??
  2. Tha AO looks awesome!!!!!!!!!! Is it March yet?????????
  3. Myself and my son Smiley from ARA are registered!!
  4. AIRDRAGON, I completely agree with you. ZEROHAWK, What I was talking about falls under the "Don't Be A Dick" rule. Less than 10 feet and no gun control.......Unless they refuse to acknoledge they've been had...then fire away.... I know outside (We're talking at range here...Yeah I know it's off subect) if I know I've hit someone and they don't call it.....I keep shooting till they do...They'll get tired of twitching from the sting evenually and call their hit and if they still don't??....Then that's what GOD invented full auto for... Ha Ha
  5. I personaly don't think having safety kills should be that big of an issue mainly because ALL airsoft is a game in reality and not real life and death military situations. That's why it's called Milsim. I like being able to have safety kills because even if you do switch to a pistol who wants to take any shot point blank to the face over an event created to have fun. I witnessed a lot of non gun control from some of the smaller ones at ORY when we were all walking back from lunch. My 18 year old and myself almost got lit up several times from the smaller guys just blindly swinging their rifles and firing full auto without checking the surroundings first the way kids do. So to me this is a good thing. It is a GAME created to have FUN first and foremost no matter how seriously anyone takes it. I know personally in a real life situation if I entered a building with a real M4 I wouldn't switch to my pistol and then shoot.... I would kill their ass with my M4. So that being said and this not being real life I think safety should be first which is the whole concept behind safety kills in the first place. Not all of the young ones or newbies have enough skill or control of a weapon to go for body shots up close the way us older guys do. They are going to panic snap and shoot point blank in the face then older guys may get pissed and shoot back out of spite and the little one or newbie gets hurt out of the deal. When that happens it makes the whole airsoft community look bad. Playing for Arkansas Recon Airsoft we use the safety kill rules in our trigger days or Ops and it works really well and gameplay flows smoothly. Because a Honorable player is a Honest player and will call their hits whether it be from a BB or a safety kill.
  6. This is Psycho from Arkansas Recon Airsoft (ARA). I want to thank the AMS and everyone else involved for putting on an awesome event!!!! Our little small sqaud of five had a blast. To agree with the Tan forces on playing musical spawn points green did that too. It kept things interesting that's for sure. I got to meet and play with some really great folks on both sides that I hope to meet in the field again. I think my favorite moment of the entire day was when our little sqaud entered the office complex cleared it, proceeded into the sewer tunnels into the apartment complex and cleared that entire building also without firing one shot. We also got to provide support one one DAM mission by accident and we got drafted into another DAM mission to provide support also. That was a blast!! I was medic for my sqaud so I got to heal some of the actors and players in those missions. A gigantic thanks for allowing us to help where needed. I also won one of the entries for Operation Helium Project. It was a awesome day!!! Thanks again guys!!!!
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