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  1. Can Lil Reaper be on the same squad as the rest of him team please. Also do we have a comm matrix yet?
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  6. We will try to post the pic as soon as we can.
  7. Dave its a great AO and the Stingers upkeep it well, It is a combination of wooded and open about 50/50. The river bed is a great run to make just ask Big Silva and the crew it took down it, the hill at the radar tower is great to hold and to attack. It is a field that makes you move and if you sit to long on one spot you are toast.
  8. Wow I can see one small comment cause alot of peoples feelings to be hurt, Never said anything bad about the ones that didnt show up I just said thanks to the ones that sacked up and did. As for being called ignorant that is a different issue all its own,
  9. Well the people that were there drove over that inch of ice to make it there so how is it ignorant? Some of us just wanted to attend that bad, even a few from as far as Louisiana and the AMS guys from Oklahoma. Yes it is a sack check and maybe just maybe a bit crazy but it was well worth it.
  10. For all the guys who sacked up and made it out to RDG 12, it was a blast to be on the field with you. Everyone played very well today considering the freezing weather and the slick conditions. A big thanks to the Stingers, the CO's of the green and tan team, and of course to all the AMS crew that made the trip to put this event on. I hope that next year its a bit warmer but it's RDG baby, are you MilSim enough?
  11. Lil Reaper


    The day started off with a check in and handing in all paper work and making sure all guns were within limits and collecting of the toys. Every thing moved smooth and quickly, then there was a quick safety brief and then tan took the field while green got a game plan together. Game one and it begins, Viper Tactical and the Texas Reapers run to the south side of the field where we meet up with Dan and the mini gun which seem to never run out of ammo. Hit, hit, hit, hit, time for a new game plan. We decided to rush the manor itself and that's when the fun began. Ghost started to take people out at a distance while Thumper, Irish, Bandanna and Wikie rushed the fence line. I myself went through the manor and found a nice window to do some strategic picking off of people one by one. Next thing we knew Viper tactical and a few others came rushing in and the court yard was ours. Redcell then pushed his guys and a hand full of others into the village and it sounded like a huge fire fight. I proceeded to check on the back side of the manor where i meet up with top who was looking for the cart for the rocket. Five minutes left the call came out rush, rush, rush. Thats lunch, the green team ended up with the cart and I think 3 rocket pieces. We then had some hot dogs served by a Marine with a great bulldog and a motivated son that wanted to play the second half. Roby your the man, this little guy reminded me why I began playing in the first play. After lunch we got out new objectives and it was back to the game. Some how they captured Bo and started to take him off I had a change to knife the guy and the command said no don't touch him AHHHHHHHH. then the tan team camped into one spot until they were ready to negotiate the release of our Bo. Well that went as well as it was planned cause bbs began to fly and once again as had happened all day the green team stood strong and the guys and girls did a good job. To the two CO's, Top and Raptorkat, you two did a good job commanding your troops from what I saw all day. Top once again you motivated me the way you were running the field with your troops all day long. To the AMS guys and girls. I want to give a big thanks for a great game and a fun day, you were great admins and players. I hope to share the field of battle with you again soon. To Cranky thanks for the pyro and to your assistant thank you as well it was great to see you again and by the way your soul was stolen like three times Ha ha ha ha ha. Once again to every one that was there it was a good day I did not hear and complaints or fighting it was a great group to play with and I enjoyed the whole day.
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