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  1. Hey Frye! Any milsims in the near future I'd be coming as UFS for sure. Did you enjoy copperhead? That's the AO that caught my eye the most, but it's reallly far out and I couldn't make it this time around, but Ironclad and Reindeer Games I'm strongly considering. I'm confident I have just about anything I'd need besides a solid radio set up which I'll work on the next few wks.
  2. Hey everybody. My name's Kendrick coming by way of Houston, TX. Any locals in or around my area let me know perhaps we can car pool to some future milsims. Looking at possibly attending Ironclad if I can find somebody to car pool with, but I'm 100% going to the next reindeer games in Fort Hood for sure once that's announced.
  3. Would anybody like to car pull from Houston, TX or somewhere nearby? Private message me.
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