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  1. True, although it could take up a lot of time depending on how its laid out.
  2. Has there ever been a thought to run a milsim event fallowing the 13 hours of the Benghazi event? I realize it doesn't tie into the AMS story, but I mean more of a stand alone event. It would have all of the insurgents of course, the Global Response Staff contractors, CIA analysts, State Department security and of course Ambassador. It could be run at some place like Playas NM mainly because it closely resembles the terrain. One compound can be set up as the Temporary Diplomatic Outpost (consulate) and on the other end of the map, the CIA Annex. Run the drill and have the attacking forces storm the compound and have the DS/Ambassador radio to the Annex for help etc.... Most people know how the rest goes. It would take some planning, but it would be pretty insane event if run correctly. Of course keeping to the story line/chain of events as close as possible.
  3. OK sounds good. I do prefer the M4, but mainly because I'm really familiar with due to my prior service. Funny enough though, the last air soft rifle I ran was an AUG lol. Probably won't get one again though. That sucks about the Chrono. I would hate to make the drive down to Playas and not have my weapon pas inspection. It seems as though facebook has killed the forums. Where do most of the guys that participate in milsim "hang out" on the web? I would like to be able to befriend others and build rapport before going in blind.
  4. Awesome, and thank you for the response. Definitely good advice on the hydro. I usually bring enough water for my self and someone else if I am ever doing something outside in the heat all day. I have seen guys in my unit "fall out" due to dehydration. That is nothing I want to experience myself. Copy that on the teams/camo. Pretty cool you can pick from game to game, so long as the uniform fallows the guide lines. I'm hoping to make the next copperhead event (whenever that its) since I live in NM and it will be the closest event to me. My other question is about the firearm. I know the power source (AEG/GBB/HPA) is all personal preference, but what seems to be the recommendation as far as new players/reliability? I figure my pistol will be GBB, but have not decided on the power source for the primary weapon.
  5. Welcome, I'm from Abq as well. Trying to get started back up again.
  6. Hello all, My name is Dan McCormack, from Albuquerque NM and I'm thrilled to be here! Me and a friend of mine used to participate in air soft about 10 years ago when we had an indoor facility. They had closed and it seemed like the sport died around here. I spent 6 years in the Army NG as a 31Bravo (Military Police) and have been out for about 2 years now. My friend and I have been looking to get back into it, for the thrill and it helps with muscle memory. Being away from the sport for so long, I had sold off all my old stuff. I will need to purchase some new products (rifle,pistol etc..). We do have an outdoor field here now that plays a couple times a month, but I am definitely interested in the MilSim aspect. I would love to make some of the events after I get geared up again. What is the SOP for most events? How do I know what team/country/faction I would be placed on, etc? Or does it change from event to event? Anyway, again, glad to be here and I hope to learn as much as I can and provide any help where I can as well! I would like to bring AirSoft back to NM stronger than it is now.
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