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  1. You should have recieved an email with your purchase of your ticket. Click on the link in that email to view the ticket. You may need to create an account. Once logged in, Northern Front should show up under "my tickets", where you should find an option to change the name on the ticket.
  2. They are listed on the ticket purchase page. Generally the rule is no refunds unless you are active military that is being deployed. You can, however, change the ticket holder name so you can sell it off to someone else.
  3. jesus christ kiddo. Ya are gonna have to learn just like everyone else did on their first around. Semi restriction is for a multitude reasons. Insurance, safety, realization that no one needs to put 30 shitty shots down range vs one well placed shot, realism, and to make the SSW class worthwhile. Mag restrictions for much of the same reason. Helps with realism, adds purpose to SSW classes, allows for rules like only reloading in FOBs forcing ammo conservation and potential for storylines. Lots of AMS staff are the same. 'Who's still around' is hella vague otherwise. Learn more about Black Card here (http://americanmilsim.com/forum/index.php?/store/product/15-ams-black-card/) VFC/Krytac right now are the AEG kings. G&G has some good offerings as well. SpeedSoft is a new style of airsofting that takes after competitive paintball. SpeedQB is a fast-pased arena game that small teams do quick skirmishes for an objective. 'SpeedSoft' in a general sense is a very high-speed low-drag concept of playing airsoft, prolific indoors. HPA is up in the air. The community for HPA is really hated nowadays for lots of people being dicks with HPA. Plus HPA is super expensive. HPA is not necessarily universally accepted in the milsim world because the line/tank reduce realism. Regardless, once it gets down to it, we are all shooting BBs at the end of the day. P* even sponsors AMS.
  4. Follow the link above. You can pre-order R2Bs from Milwaukee Airsoft and Tactical
  5. Hello! BOA (the field) has a ton EG wirepulls in (just in there sunday, insane amount of smokes) and they have about 9 palates of EG67s. All will be available for purchase on the event days. Also, Miwaukee Airsoft and Tactical is doing preorders for this event. You can order online now (https://milwaukeeairsoft.com/collections/event-pick-up) and pick up on check-in friday. Theyve got basically every type of EG smoke and grenade along with TAG rounds. Milwaukee Airsoft will also have tons of batteries, BBs, and some guns for sale there. However, BOA may be able to undersell on EG67s a little bit (buck cheaper) so you ultimately have a few choices.
  6. Sorry for the late reply. I'm not in the habit of checking these forms. Run a few rounds through your gun. This will get the spring down and weaker, closer to what it is advertised for. Then, unfortunately, if you don't have a shop around you, you'll have to wait for chrono at the event to see if you are shooting under. If you are shooting over, you'll have to track down a tech and a new spring. If you find me, I will be willing to lend/sell you a weaker spring. I'll be on UFS and we can work out the details of getting that to you. I'm not experienced with CYMA gearboxes so I'd then recommend finding a tech that would be willing to crack open your gun and put the spring in for free/a few bucks. Show up early to chrono so you have the time to see if anyone can put in the spring for you and so you don't miss any playtime.
  7. ...the rules go over all of this perfectly. Please refer to the rules before asking. You are responsible for your own ammo. It must be BIO-BBs, even though the venue's rules do not enforce BIO. (see AMMO RESTRICTIONS and GENERAL REGULATIONS- A) Headgear that is similar to the base color for the team is fine (tan will work for UFS) (see UNIFORMS- D) Go to a shop and get your gun measured. You can not be over 400fps with .20g bbs if you signed up as a rifleman (you would be considered a DMR). (see ASSAULT WEAPONS/RIFLEMAN- C) Please make sure that you read the rules multiple times before you show up for the event. It would be a shame to show up, not know the rules, and get in trouble or not be able to play because of them.
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