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  1. Thanks for the support, on the field and for watching my videos! Metal, remember when I asked about the breakfast at Holiday Inn when we were on the field? Yeah... that was the other bearded gentleman from your picture. lol! It was great to meet you both! Kilroy, awesome footage as always. It was a pleasure rolling with MAKO for the day, kicking doors and asses!
  2. 100 mph tape over ejection port/dust covers. I may even bag my muzzle.Unless it's a torrential downpour, we should be ok. How about this... as far as AR style AEG's motor plates. Heat sink/vented vs stadard TM style? Heat sink may be better to vent any water out from acring your pos and neg motor terminals, BUT... it lets water in. Standard TM type motor plate wont let much in, BUT, It wont let much out either.
  3. As the title states, I am wanting to know if a bump helmet (as in generic skateboard helmet, not OpsCore) is kosher for civi defense force use?
  4. Hello all, I thought it was about time I post an intro. I will be down for ORY in September and look forward to meeting everyone and connecting with some old faces. I came down to OK a couple times, years ago (2004?), for some big games and have fond memories. I'm really looking forward to slinging some plastic around the red OK dirt, once again. Been playing airsoft for too long. The KCAA is my alma mater here in Kansas City. I've got a youtube airsoft channel/hobby along with a "spin-off" website that I enjoy See you guys soon!
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