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  1. Weren't Sundays short enough when they lasted three hours?
  2. Is the press pass actually needed for active players to buy in addition to their player ticket if they are going to wear a GoPro or similar camera on their kit? Or is it just required for non-players there to film?
  3. Booby traps seem like a very cool idea. Do they just get to make a bang, or are they allowed to expel anything like powder or BB's? Does this depend on whether I am close by (to defuse it in a BLINDMAN call)?
  4. JP, you say only archangels and reapers? A vendor had the taginn "fate" at last years broken home. basically like an archangel, goes off on impact, but if there is no impact then it goes off after a timer instead like a reaper. so its a hybrid of the two. is that banned now too?
  5. Welcome to airsoft politics! Allowing Paladins would require a few unreasonable things from vehicle crews, like calling their hits even when it's not on the windshield, and having to wash their vehicle (carwashes suck so maybe even *gasp* by hand, how terrible) to get the chalk off. From what I have heard, the decision to not allow paladin chalk rounds was made to prevent many crews from ceasing to bring their vehicles to events.
  6. meant to edit, accidentally made new post. see below
  7. Is CDF going to be an ally of UFS?
  8. Are these hand grenades approved? https://www.evike.com/products/92007/ I know they show as Pre-Order now but they were previously orderable and I have some.
  9. I understand that the details for the event on Nov 9-10 are still secret, but can we at least get a general idea of what region it is in? I'm trying to plan (and budget for) how many events I am going to this year, and location makes a big difference if I can go or not (since I drive)...
  10. Is CDF with UFS for faction brief, or do they have their own that isn't listed yet? Also, for the Friday safety briefings, 1-4 PM every hour, does that mean the last one starts at 4 or ends at 4?
  11. If there is a green zone I would like to see a small hard sided structre within it (even a plywood stall with just room to stand) and a rule allowing one to remove and clean their goggles inside it. One of the local fields I play at has some "de-fogging shacks" for dead players / you can't use them tactically, you are dead when you come out. Since this is how the green zone was last year (dead when you come out) that would work perfectly (and the parking lot is such a long walk just to de-fog)
  12. is this the same helo as last year with 3 players at a time?
  13. Sounds okay in theory but there are a couple problems: 1. Nobody is "taking" the HWS role from any better equipped player - at all 4 events I have been to there is a MAJOR shortage of HWS players and the vast majority of squads don't have one. I have seen games where all of UFS had a grand total of 2 HWS players. Furthermore, IF there is ever a surplus of HWS players beyond 1 per squad then command picks which players get the role (and which ones leave the HWS in the car) - they will of course choose the better equipped players. 2. Most HWS players have an M203 and the afformentioned shortage will get reduced to maybe one HWS per faction (or often zero) by the rule you suggested. 3. HWS is very useful as anti vehicle but is used at least as much to fire TAGinn rounds (usually Reapers) into groups of players (exactly like a real M203's role). 4. While you are correct that M203 is not an anti-armor weapon, the vehicles at AMS are not intended to emulate armor. There are generally no tanks at AMS. An M203 would be of great effect against, say, an army jeep or a duece. These are the types of vehicles we are talking about.
  14. UPDATE: I replied to the OPORD email to ask about this, and got a response saying this is not going to be used, and to disregard its mention in the OPORD. According to the UFS OPORD, medics are going to have a tube with a dice in it, and are required to use it to determine if a wounded player can be revived, so there is a mortality rate. Is this being done on a trial basis for this event, or is this a permananet change? It is a bad idea, both from a gameplay point of view and a realism point of view. From a gameplay perspective, this weakens the ability of honest players to be revived in the field, and has no effect on dishonest players (since bandage application and removal can be observed from a great distance, wheras dice rolls are unverifiable to staff and players more than a few feet away). From a realism perspective, this is nonsense. Most hits I have seen in airsoft are not vital areas, so while a limit on the number of medic heals makes sense (cumulative loss of blood), introducing a significant (33.3%) possibility that one hit to the hand or foot, with prompt medical attention, is fatal, makes no sense.
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