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  1. Hey what's up Arch. First I can only say thank you so so much for this in depth review and evaluation on airsoft sniping. I personally find the vsr-10 / m700 model disgustingly boring and could not enjoy playing with the platform for those reasons. I've always loved the L96, but just recently decided to ditch research on the Tokyo Marui L96 AWS and other aws models that include a full size magazine due to their insufficient cylinder volume. This results in limited potential for upgrades. I've been doing hours of research for the best type96 model to buy, and the UTG such as yours has come up a whole lot. I've been seeing lots of competition between the UTG and Well models. Why is the UTG your choice? Range is a priority to me, and when I read that you could touch 350 feet and beyond that was the icing on the cake for me, besides the fact that your rifle looks absolutely badass. I just wanted to know: - Have you measured and evaluated the power of this rifle (it's legit!!!!???) - And do you have a youtube channel devoted to painting tutorials and such for your rifle Thanks again!
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