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  1. Likely. I ended up getting ESS crossbows with the gasket (better ventilation imo- and less pricey too!)
  2. I have to agree with RAZRROB on this; I do think something like a DMR should stick around (for the sake of MIL-sim)- I am not a DMR but I know the value they can provide if utilized properly in a scenario- EG lookout/ Recon and radio back or as precision support in the event of an ambush or High Val target coming into play. MED; for sure within a certain distance (like support gunners) but I am neutral on the raising the FPS and I certainly like the idea of an actual sniper-spotter team. Just an IMHO but something I think would pose a great loss for anyone if it's removed.
  3. I wasn't there; I am late (reply-wise) But I do agree with everyone else, Yes, 400 FPS will break skin at 8 feet (done it) But, Forgive me if this sounds aggressive, mean, etc, I promise it is not. But- most of us are ( I assume you as well) adults-or at least young adults and all of us are responsible for our own well being- Partly the other guy's fault, should have said "Bang Band" or shot gear, But, within the same rate, if i get an open wound, due to lack of protection, I am responsible ( I assume the waivers for AMS state this as well) for that injury due to my choice. Like in the motorcycle work: ATGGAT (All the Gear All the time) They always say "Dress for the slide, not for the ride"- I still don't wear full gear because of personal preference. But I know if I lose a leg or an arm it's my fault. It's choices, not rules. It's like someone initiating a full face helmet law for all Bikers in the summer due to increase of deaths, and broken skulls. We know the risk and take responsibility for it. Just me $0.2 about it.
  4. I plan on a sling.. it's hefty. Stock they don't have the switch. I mostly am going to use auto winding- seems better than the sound as I know it fails(common failure) if anything I may do like you did and wire one. Thanks TheJP!
  5. Makes sense. I may look into that; Looking for basic upgrades. and It is a little underwhelming, but I mean, hey, it's something to start. I finally decided on a Condor Chest Set; should be getting it soon and starting to load it. My M249 is slow in RPS but I am also using a low power battery (due to issues with the higher power one I got- charger saying it is bad.) I know for sure I need to change AOE and then i will dial in Hop-up and Sight Picture.. Might get a Red dot or ACOG. Forgive my Noob-ish-ness but I fear I don't understand what you mean by magazine motor wiring? are you talking about making it manually switch on and off instead of the auto and sound?
  6. Not a bad idea. I may see about that. I am looking at a RRV for $50 ish from china, but might look at that FLC Definitely a good idea for the Hydro and parts... And can I ask, any recommended upgrades? I appreciate the reply, Dave!
  7. Hello! I'll be honest here- I don't have a true nickname- Been called pencil or onion, but nothing has truly stuck. Ah well. Anyways- I hail from New Mexico, Starting up out here with a few buddies of mine. I am a larger player (needing to lose weight, so I figured, why not). Looking to start training my cardio system for the oncoming games... Anyways, Current loadout is a A&K M249 Para, all stock (so far... going to be updating this) I also have a Element Sordin headset, BF F8 (not the HP) and some Thunder B's. I don't have much in the ways of gear, but I'll slowly spend the next 400 or so on some gear. One of which will be a GBB pistol and a nice chest rig, looking at the Pantac RRV or Matrix RRV (ideas welcome- my waist is about 50", so let me know if there's some that fit that- and gun ideas work too). on this as well- ideas for dead lights/ flashlights? maybe something that looks like IFFs? also, Kinda leaning towards UFS for my preference Looking to play at Playas this year, as work is not the best for long-travel. But out side of that, if you want to hang out, talk or have some gear that might help me/ work for me, don't be afraid to message me or let me know PS brownie points if you know the game(s) my title comes from.
  8. So Twitch- to confirm (coming from a Ham perspective as well) AMS, in theory should be licensed for the frequencies we use, at the power we are using them at? This was a concern to me hearing us using baofengs because I know the fines violation can carry... too many stories.
  9. Hi all, Was curious would WX Vapor work for eyepro? they are ANSI Z87.1 compliant- but they don't make specialized seals, only a retainer cord. Just looking for clarification. thanks!
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