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  1. Blackhawk HydraStorm Hydration pack: $10 One point sling: $10 Black ESS goggles: $15 Deluxe admin pouch: $15 (waterproof map insert {currently Snake's LZ}, lots of pockets, and No, you can't have my nametapes) LBV with integral pouches and pack:$25 Would sell all with the gun in the other section for $225. Don't be afraid to PM with me offers, but please no low-balls. Thanks!
  2. I bought this Echo1 614 (HK 416) from TMac, and I've only used it twice. It comes with an 8.4v, PEQ box, one hi-cap and 8 (100rd?) mids. Price for all of the above mentioned, $180. Gear listed in appropriate section.
  3. I'm not one who can put together a rig from a MOLLE vest and pouches and make it look right and make sense. I prefer the premade stuff. I really like this one. 6 M4 mags up front, Icom F4TR on the right, and tool/med pouch on the left. Admin pouch MOLLE'd to the chest came separately (yes, that's a Flip peeking up from behind).
  4. Frag


    My first op (beauty queen) I wore black wind pants and low top Steve Madden casual shoes. I bought boots soon thereafter...
  5. Frag

    Just a belt

    I've done exactly what JP is talking about here. I figured a way to cross the molle straps on a radio pouch and attached it to the suspenders. Wore a HydraStorm backpack for hydration. Worked for a full op, and it goes a long way toward beating the heat. It doesn't have to be your only rig. Makes a great summer rig, though.
  6. Think I'm second only to Paslode in simplicity. Drop pouch for spent mags, and utility pouch I got from my dad. So old, he probably brought it home with him from Ft Carson after he finished his conscription during 'Nam (he was never sent). Good for field tools,or whatever medium size objective I may have to carry.
  7. Traded with DirtPro yesterday. Very pleasant, good trade, good equipment. Recommend.
  8. Frag


    There's a good size op the end of this month at Snake's LZ in Owasso. Won't be nearly as large as Rebel Yell, but probably larger than Kashistan. Kashistan will be a good place to cut your teeth, though. Check out the forums on okairsoft.net and click east vs west for more info on the Owasso Op.
  9. Ha! That's some pretty big hype to live up to! It was way back in the day when Tshombe's CQB (he actually called it CQC) was open on the north side (of Tulsa). This was after its heyday of 20+ people every Sunday afternoon. A few of us were still going, hoping to keep it up. We played a variant of CTF in which a non-participant hid red grease rags around the basement and the two teams fought while we searched for the rags. Whomever had the most "flags" in our spawn point won. This is a ton of fun with 10 on 10 in such a small space, but this wasn't one of those times; more like 3 or 4 on 3 or 4. In these CQB games, I usually carried an M11A1 (.380 size) so I could run full blast and still pack a nasty punch. 20 RPS at 350 FPS ain't bad when it fits in the palm of your hand. I could make 3 50 rd mags last a full 10 minute game. Tshombe knocked holes in the walls of the basement about chest-high to create shortcuts (and general havoc) between the rooms. I took one of these shortcuts to get back to my spawn. Usually, I wore ball-caps when I played at Tshombe's. For some stupid reason I wore a boonie hat that day. It TOTALLY jacked my depth perception. So with 3 "flags" in hand, running full tilt, I ducked under the shortcut. I jerked my head up when I "knew" I had cleared the hole, but the cinder blocks knew better. I cracked my noggin harder than I ever had before, and stumbled into the main area. Moving so slowly, I was caught in a hail of BBs. I dropped my flags (in the spawn, since I still wanted to win) and took off my hat stumbling through the room. I ran my fingers through my hair, and my gloves came back shiny black. By this time Tshombe and Frosty who had been chatting in the safe zone were coming to check on me. Blood was seeping out of my head making my red hair even redder. Chunks of hair were coming out where I ran my fingers through my hair. Tshombe had a worried look on his face, but Frosty thought it was the coolest thing ever. He's responsible for all the pics from this fortuitous event... Not to be daunted by this occurrence, I thought I could sit down and wait for a minute and get back in the game. After a while, I realized I couldn't get up out of the chair. I called my roommate. There was no way I could drive home. I think the funniest part of the story was that he couldn't drive a stick, so he had to bring his little sister (who could) to pick up my car. I went home, got a shower, and got ready to go to Sunday evening church. I actually sat through an entire orchestra practice (15 years on the t-bone) before my roomie's mom got me to talk to a nurse that attended church with us. He took one look at it and when he touched it, it started bleeding again. He said I needed to go to the hospital right away. Doc (not our Doc, the urgent care doc) said I needed staples or stitches (this was after the nurse shaved part of my head, and I heard the doc in the hall say "you didn't need to do that") and said the anesthesia for stitches would hurt worse than staples. He said, "Here, let me show you how one feels." CLACK CLACK CLACK CLACK CLACK. That's my 15 minutes of airsoft fame. It is also the reason I bought the helmet that I was wearing in my avatar pic. If you need more details, ask Frosty. I posted a couple of the pics he took in the gallery section.
  10. I entered my ZIP and it picked me up just fine.
  11. Uh, you weren't supposed to tell anyone about that...
  12. Frag

    New Job

    As I mentioned in my Intro post, I've been working on my career over the last couple of years. A year ago, I started with a reputable local financial services firm. See www.wymerbrownlee.com for info. You can also see my pretty face under the "team directory" link. We offer financial planning, tax planning and preparation, business consulting, etc. Please contact me if you decide you'd like to save for retirement, need to buy life insurance, or would like investment advice. I'm a federally licensed investment adviser rep, and fully licensed to sell life and health insurance. Remember, you don't have to be rich to save for retirement! Thanks guys.
  13. Mini Mags in both cars and a key chain 3 LED mini light given away as a promotion.
  14. Frag


    My wife and I both carry Rugers in Holsterstore.com ProCarry HD holsters. She has the .380 LCP and I carry an SP101 in .357 magnum (with a little .25 auto for backup). I've owned several automatics and revolvers. I've learned I prefer revolvers. I've owned a Taurus Ultra-light .38 spl, Taurus Judge Public Defender in .45 LC/ 410 shot, and now my SP101. In auto I've owned a Hi-Point 9mm (Don't laugh, I was 18), a Glock 22, XD40-SC, and Kahr CW40. Definitely love my wheel guns; it's nice to know that it's physically impossible for your gun to jam.
  15. I carry a Kershaw Leek and CRKT Minimalist neck knife. I also have a money clip sized Gerber folding utility knife that I usually carry.
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