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  1. Thanks guys, the patch is awesome!
  2. Just don't bite off more than you can chew and you guys will be ok.
  3. This is what I keep hearing. Can't wait
  4. Because all of the begging for recruits is going on in the back channels
  5. I didn't realize that trying to figure out a solution to the problem means that we are trying to break any rules. The question was asked and JP responded. I guess at that point we can't discuss a solution? Whatever affiliations you have now, in the past or even in the future with any op are irrelevant to this thread. I am also quite sure nobody cares that you would back out of the position based on the fact that the player base of said op was willing to discuss and find solutions to issues.
  6. So, I am sitting here reading your response and was hanging on for the first few sentences and then things went weird. You are degrading Airsoft Milsim based on the fact that BB's can't shoot as far as Bullets? Nobody is saying ANYTHING about the range of these guns, because that is not even in question and is also silly to even discuss when trying to get a gun to be used in the Milsim setting. According to your logic, we should all just go back to playing on paintball fields. I mean, our guns don't shoot as far as real ones so why even try to be Milsim? You are obviously lost in this thread, so let me help you out. The M27 IAR is used as a SAW in real life and should be used the same in Airsoft Milsim. Forcing it into a DMR role purely based on the fact that it can't be readily identified by someone who will more than likely cry foul about anything is silly. I personally think that the Armband idea would work perfectly, if anything to make it easier for Admins to identify them when they are called on about the gun.
  7. The complaints about not being able to run the M27 IAR as a SAW have zero to do with wanting to run it as a replacement to an LMG with limitless ammo. We have plenty of those and they are running P* systems as well. Limiting the M27 to a set amount of mid caps would be perfectly fine. We are fully aware of how the gun is used in real life. Hey, you got back on topic. Now we can get back to discussing a solution to the problem.. This is not a money issue at all, trust me. Why would we run it as an assault rifle? We have plenty of 416's and similar platforms for that. Sure, it makes a good DMR but we have DMR's. The problem that is at hand is the fact that people can't identify the gun as a support weapon. This is nothing more than an identification issue, and that is a pretty weak excuse. This is Milsim and people need to step up and start learning the weapons that are out there so that they don't limit others due to their own lack of knowledge.
  8. This would be manageable for sure.
  9. I don't think that you fully grasp the big picture here. Finding a resolution to an issue is not rule bending. We are running our M27 P* as a DMR at Broken Home and will do so until AMS decides to reconsider the M27 as a Support weapon. We have valid reason to 'bitch' about a rule when the sole basis of it being in place is that a good portion of the player base can't identify it as a Support weapon. Like I said above, I fully expect admins to check the gun even after things are set in place to make it easier to identify. Some people have a hard time adapting to new things. As for SEISOPS being at Broken Home...Don't worry, we will be there.
  10. I agree, and I personally think that allowing a Box mag would greatly assist in making it identifiable. Several people are leaning toward the true 'milsim' side of things, which would force the gun into mid caps. We run drum mags on our support weapons, and would do the same with the M27 given the chance. If it was up to me, I would throw a drum mag on the gun with an identifying zip tie (yellow?) and if needed go ahead and do an arm band. I would fully expect an Admin to inspect the gun once or twice throughout the day, but it would make it a lot easier to identify than it would be now.
  11. If there is to be any limit on mags, I would say 12-16 mid caps. Anything over that is pretty hard to manage for a single individual. With that said, I think that we really need lock down on some way to make identifying the gun or the 'Support' role itself a lot easier. Arm bands, Zip ties, whatever are things to start considering. Once people start rolling out with the Black M27's they are basically a 416 with a longer rail/outer barrel as far as Airsoft is concerned. There are already fake M27's in Airsoft that prove that. The special edition M27 IAR from Elite Force is pretty easy to identify for anybody who has seen one, but the black ones will not be.
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