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  1. Federal Force Handed Solid Defeat in Oklahoma Wes Mantooth - FNN Federal forces were handed a solid defeat in Northeast Oklahoma by the Coalition forces. CoST planners took a decisive advantage of the recent Federal offensive in the Pacific State with a massive counter-offensive into the Midwest territories. Federal forces were outnumbered nearly 2:1 and had little chance to repel the Coalition advance. However, being at such a numeric disadvantage, UFS special forces were able to penetrate Coalition lines time and time again, wreaking havoc on CoST supply lines and rear echelon positions. Unfortunately for Federal command, these harassment tactics were unable to buy the much-needed time required for reinforcements to help stem the flood of Coalition forces. In a valiant last-ditch effort, Federal forces mobilized the last of their mechanized infantry to “punch†a hole through the Coalition line to secure a route and demolish the last remaining heavy vehicle crossing over the Spring River. However, Coalition forces in superior and entrenched defensive positions, quickly dispatched the mechanized column with overwhelming firepower and anti-vehicle weapons. Unable to stall the Coalition progress remaining, Federal command issued a tactical fighting retreat to consolidate forces outside the active battlespace. Currently CoST forces are headed into the Midwest territories along multiple routes I35, I29 and I70 towards Illinois and Wisconsin to fill the current security vacuum left from the Federal advance into the Pacific West. To date, this is the most overwhelming Coalition victory. Federal planners worry that Public opinion is wearing thin on this now seven-year civil war and are looking to sue for peace rather than spend more treasure and blood for what is seen as an endless endeavor.
  2. Federals Consolidate Defensive Lines Wes Mantooth – FNN Just three months after routing CDF and PSA advances in Texas, Federal Forces are withdrawing. The move comes from pressure being exerted on the already thin Federal lines as they prepare for a bloody Coalition spring offensive. A Senior Defensive analyst explained the situation: "The months of April to June are touch and go as the Coalition looks to execute their Spring/Summer offensive and attempts to push through our lines. With the very real possibly of multiple fronts established by the Coalition or the Pacific State Alliance, not to mention the threat of homegrown terrorist groups such as the CDF. Congress has chosen to pull back our troops consolidate our lines and weather the storm. If we [Federal States] have to fight prolonged on multiple fronts, I don't think the President will hesitate to seek assistance from our Europen allies." The Limit of the withdrawal will be the what Federal commanders call "The Box" the four state corners of Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma.
  3. EASTERN TEN CONFERENCE Roger Slade – FNN As the former United States enters its sixth year of the most brutal conflict on American soil since its inception in 1776, concern has spread through the whole of Europe and neighboring countries regarding the future stability of the Federal States. Most economic experts point to an unavoidable meltdown of the global financial markets if the United Federal States are unable to continue “servicing†the former debt obligations of the “United States.†To date, the Federal States have been able to service all the financial commitments, but experts say this cannot continue while also funding its civil war. The mounting speculation; the United Federal States will soon become overwhelmed by all the new “threats,†which have emerged in the last eighteen months. The Coalition has been the lead protagonist of the Federal States in this bloody conflict since the initial secession. However, the opposition list now includes the recently formed and ratified Pacific State Alliance, the ever-growing Civilian Defense Force and Sierra Dynamics Corporation, the global leader in oil, gas and state-of-the-art technology. FNN has learned that Federal officials have met with a small group of leaders from other countries that are expressing their willingness to “partner†with the Federal States. They pledge to offer their support with monetary aid, technical and military personnel. There is no formal information regarding this newly-founded partnership of nations, but officials have given it the moniker “Eastern Ten†or “E-10.†FNN can only speculate which nations will be participating in this political summit, but inside sources are saying that leaders from Australia, Germany, Sweden and The UK are the principal architects of this recently-formed council.
  4. Sierra Dynamics Press Release Wes Mantooth – FNN Sierra Dynamics submitted the following Press Release to all major new and reporting outlets this Sunday: SIERRA DYNAMICS SECUTIY SOLUTIONS DIVIONS A Better Today for a Better Tomorrow TM Due to recent allegation and rumors, Sierra Dynamics is confirming that the company has no knowledge of any rogue entity operating in Perry, GA nor is this group associated with Sierra Dynamics in any shape or form. Sierra Dynamics does not condone or authorize any action taken by this "group" of former Sierra Dynamics employees. Furthermore, Sierra Dynamics will take immediate legal action agisnt any groups, organizations or corporations that attempt to disparage the Sierra Dynamics band, management, workers or executive staff. We hope that this unfortunate situation is resolved quickly and peacefully by local state or government agencies. In addition, the Sierra Dynamics VP or Public relations had this statement: Sierra Dynamics is proud of its history and partnership with the Federal States. Sierra Dynamics also values its partnerships with many other countries, NGO and companies that we work with to help improve the lives of people around the world. We have a rich history of unshakable integrity and high moral ethics. These are things that made us a worldwide successful company. Sierra Dynamics has worked long and hard to earn the trust of the customers we work with and for and we will not break that trust. Sierra Dynamics will comply with the Federal request to its intellectual property, in accordance with the law, but will not allow IP or asset seizure without due process. Sierra Dynamics companies pride themselves on working hard today so there is a better tomorrow.
  5. VOLSTEAD PROVES VOLATILE Wes Mantooth – FNN It was the heavy loss of personnel five months ago in Barnwell, South Carolina that prompted the controversial Volstead Tax on all liquor. Conceived over a need to rebuild the fragmented might of the military machine, enforcement has proven difficult. While it has generated over $3M in revenue over the past 4 months, that number falls far short of the initial approximations of $25M annually. The tax has since come under strict scrutiny by representatives from some of the rural regions of the United Federation. Arguments against Volstead stem around a preexisting heavy tax on agriculture products and the immense difficulties of farming in war stricken areas. Local enforcement in these areas is almost nonexistent, and the limited number of Volstead Agents are already spread too thin through the Federation. With this in mind, conversations around the capital have begun to center around bolstering Volstead Agents with UFS ground troops. The notion is wildly unpopular with the more conservative members of the congressional delegation, but their objections are falling on deaf ears for the time being. Sources in the military hierarchy tell us that they are working on troop strength assessments and propose rules of engagements to deal with the issue. More to come.
  6. The Fight Continues Wes Mantooth – FNN Sources close to the Federal commanders on the ground confirm significant losses in clash with Coalition forces in the vicinity of Perry, Georgia. What was expected to be a routine extraction mission for several Sierra Dynamics personnel and classified research materials, took a turn for the worse after Federal troops encountered fierce and entrenched Coalition opposition. FNN asked an opinion of a SPC Frank Williams who participated in the Federal operation near Perry, GA two weeks ago. ​"The Coalition have proven time and time again, that when you think you have them on their heels, they turn the tables on you. I think what our government and military planners might forget is the Coalition has a handful of smart military planners right out of Annapolis and West Point; it's not like this is some backwards-thinking banana republic army. Me and the other guys really think the Federal government should take the gloves off and let us take care of business." While the Federal military command staff have had many successes in the Oklahoma consolidation campaign, the high casualty count is beginning to rear its ugly head with public opinion, policy makers and the anti-war movement. Between high body counts and the formation of the Pacific State Alliance, one wonders if we can no longer put the genie back into the bottle.
  7. http://americanmilsim.com/timeline/
  8. West Coast States Abandons Union Wes Mantooth – FNN The FNN Washington Bureau was notified that as of 8:35 EST, the governments of the Western states led by California Governor Frank Wellmont, have formally submitted a Declaration of the Immediate Causes which Induce and Justify Secession from the Federal Union. These states are California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Utah and Arizona. It is also being reported that each state's respective governments have drafted and ratified a constitution which will form a new unifying legislative and governing body known as the Pacific State Alliance. In a quick and calculated manner, all Federal military, agency and government installations within the six states have been taken and placed in control of new regional commanders appointed by the Pacific State Alliance. Some Federal employees and ranking officials have been detained as a security precaution and will be deported in the coming weeks to Washington, D.C. The Pacific State has quickly established check-points along all major interstates heading west into Nevada, Utah, Oregon, Washington and Arizona. Governor Frank Wellmont has been appointed as the interim President of the Pacific State Alliance during this transition period. According to the newly ratified PSA Constitution, states have 90 days to set a public election process. The Pacific State Alliance is actively seeking to open diplomatic dialogue with the United Federal States, Coalition of Sovereign Territories and the Canadian Government. The White House has yet to release any details or the Pacific State Alliance's new declaration. Speculation points to the increasing tax burden placed on all states to help fund the Federal war effort. This burden in conjunction with the massive civilian casualties suffered when Federal troops were unable to quell civil unrest in the Oklahoma territory might be possible key reasons for the public's support for succession.
  9. Federal Forces Quell Uprising in Oklahoma Wes Mantooth – FNN Early morning attacks shake the Oklahoma skyline. Driven by ground asset intelligence, ​Federal forces moved into selected cities and towns in the former state of Oklahoma. This move was executed to "defuse" any large scale rioting or violence before it could get out of hand according to Federal planners. While other liberal media outlets would like to spin this as "Federal troops cracking down and mistreating locals", this was actually a Federal operation to prevent the Coalition's use of "CDFs" or "IMPs" to incite the civilian populace into a frenzied state. FNN affiliates on the ground reported numerous sightings of Coalition Special Forces "assisting" local militia. "It was quite obvious what was taking place. Coalition special operation units have descended upon these small towns and cities to help train their local disgruntled populace, spewing their propaganda until they finally act out against Federal peacekeepers. In the end, you have Federal soldiers defending themselves thus the circle of violence escalates. Next thing you know, an entire community lashes out." A local UFS commander that would only speak on conditions of anonymity had this to say about last weekend's violence: "At the end of the day, these civilians are nothing but pawns to the Coalition's efforts to disestablish the Oklahoma territory. CoST wants chaos, violence and lack of security. We [uFS] have to put so much more effort into manpower and equipment to keep not only our troops safe, but police the local populace as well. It can stretch us thin. Couple this situation with an all-out, extreme Coalition offensive and you can have yourself a real bad day."
  10. Coalition Army Blunts Federal Line Advance Wes Mantooth – FNN In what Federal planners would be a "Shock and Awe" style blitzkrieg on the CoST forward deployment area "Shelby" turning into a 48 hour all out fight for survival. Torrential rain eight hours prior to initiating contact with Coalition forces greatly reduced the Federal mechanized force effectiveness. All major paved roads had been secured or heavily mined by the Coalition, forcing the Federal vehicles on gravel and dirt roads which became nearly impassable within the first few hours of the heavy rainfall. Thick cloud coverage and Coalition anti-air also greatly limited any type of air support offered by UFS Army and Air Force aviators. The Federal soldiers repeatedly defended off hit and run style attacks employed by Coalition troops as their mechanized convoys slowly headed to Shelby city to face the Coalition head on. Once in the city center Federal troops fought house to house, often engaging enemies just feet away. However Coalition forces were too entrenched. Lacking the advantage of surprise and violence of action Federal CENTCOM ordered their field commander to withdrew forces to avoid any further causalities. FNN was able to track down one of the architects of the Federal offensive Major James Whitmore: "They [CoST] wanted to drag us in, this was their plan. They had basically set the entire battle-space us as a kill box, if the weather had held we had a good change to break them. However the weather was a huge factor in hindering our "rapid" mobility. Our troops did an incredible job under the worst conditions to mitigate a disaster into a near victory. At the end of the day it came down from command to withdraw -- the risk vs. reward was just not great enough to put more Federal men and women in harms way." Federal forces now prepare for their second offensive strike across Coalition lines as they look to liberate the former states of Oklahoma from all Coalition ground forces.
  11. Federal Forces Extend the Western Front Wes Mantooth – FNN With the Federal imposed "media blackout" has been lifted, FNN is happy to report that Federal troops have routed the majority of all Coalition forces in the disputed territory of Oklahoma. Currently all major Oklahoman metropolitan areas, airports and interstates are under Federal control. A new "Southern" line has been established to prevent any large Coalition movements back into the South and South Eastern sections of the form state. While Federal authorities concede that the Southwestern border is still pours, there is "little worry" of major movement of Coalition forces through such a narrow gap. Frank Williams a spokesperson for the Pentagon issued the following statement to the press: "The New Logic is that we will set a pivot on our most Southwest flank and swing the gate into Southern Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas forces the Coalition forces to defend all along the axis." Appears that this administration will give one last effort into breaking Coalition morale and at the very least "containing" the Coalition to the Southern regions of the United States. We as a nation will face difficult decisions if this conflict does not end swiftly. With rumor spreading of legislation being drafted to reinstate the draft and an estimated cost of the "war" over 117 billion dollars "we" the people will be paying for over the next generation.
  12. Coalition Gain on Federals Wes Mantooth – FNN A harsh reality was dealt to Federal forces on the cold, windy plains of New Mexico. That "reality" was that the current Federal administration's "all-out offensive" had no hope of bringing closure to this conflict which has gripped the country for the last four years. Not only has this administration failed to defeat a smaller, less organized and equipped Coalition force, but by the very actions of failed aggression, have fostered nothing but sympathy for the succeeded states. Federal strategists assumed a successful defense of the New Mexico territory by Coalition forces would only result in a pyrrhic victory and a second offensive would finally break the Coalition's will. However, rumors say that nothing could be further from the truth. The victory won by the Coalition has not only boosted morale and support for the secessionists, but it has also swayed the state legislation of California to publicly lend support to the Coalition. Federal planners are now concerned the California senate might vote for secession in the fall. So emboldened by their victory, the Coalition have set their sights on the former Oklahoma territory currently under Federal control. Numerous sightings of Coalition light armor vehicles have been reported by the civilian populace in Northeast and Southeast Oklahoma. This is quite far advanced from any Coalition lines or controlled area. The Defense Department declined an interview citing operational security, but acknowledged increased Coalition activity in the Oklahoma territory stating "it did not pose a threat to current defensive positions." It is the opinion of this reporter that we need to replace the current administration, or remove all constraints on what our Federal forces are allowed to do in the theater of operations. Take the gloves off already, Mr. President! Bring this conflict to an end!
  13. Federal Forces Clash with Coalition Wes Mantooth – FNN At 4:30 AM CST Federal forces moved to interdict Coalition troops traveling highway 183 just Northeast of Vernon. Both Federal and Coalition forces exchanged fire with no reported casualties. The Coalition forces quickly withdrew from the engagement. SFC Davis commented on the gun fight that ensued: "It's most likely a small CoST scouting force. We got word down from command that the Coalition would be sending scouting elements to probe our lines South of Roosevelt. I hope they come back, we have been itching for a fight! I am happy to hand those CoST guys another defeat here. If the President would just let us march on Dallas this war would be over by the summer!" FNN's Military analyst Jed Nelson thinks the situation is going to get worse before it gets better: "I am glad our troops down South are in such high spirits because the top brass seems to be very concerned with a heavy Coalition offensive this spring / summer. There have been rumors of Coalition command and logistic changes during the winter months. Not to mention it has been leaked by the State Department that the Coalition has re-organized their forces and set forth a very aggressive strategy for 2015. If our government keeps underestimating the Coalition and tries to submit them with economic sanctions I think we could be in for a difficult and bloody summer." FNN's will keep you updated as event unfold.
  14. Coalition Closes on Federal Defensive Lines Wes Mantooth – FNN Over the last few weeks Federal Intelligence has been reporting a disturbing trend of Coalition forces probing Federal defensive lines in Southwest Oklahoma, Northeast New Mexico and Mississippi. Federal analysts are worried that the Coalition with their recent victory in Jacksboro are probing Federal lines for a massive spring offensive. FNN's military analyst Frank Wills gives a stark warning: "The Coalition have been emboldened by their overwhelming victory in Texas. Even our own media termed it the "Slaughter at Jacksboro". This is leading the Coalition to "believe" they can defeat the armies of the United Federal States. As we approach an election year and with public support for the war beginning to wane, this might be the perfect storm for a highly successful Coalition counter attack. If we elect a president that does not act, quickly, decisively and forcefully we might lose all hope of restoring the Union." In response to these Coalition "maneuvers" the Federal government has order more troops to be mobilized as a reserve to help contain and slow any Coalition offensive come this spring.
  15. Federal Forces Defend Coalition Raid Wes Mantooth – FNN VICTORY for the Federal States! UFS forces have successfully held off a swift and brutally violent Coalition attack that according to Federal analysts had to be "months in the planning". "These types of logistical feats only come from months of planning and preparation. Every time we think we've got the Coalition hemmed in, something like this seems to happen. Then again, the Coalition has some tactically brilliant minds in their ranks." One glaring item that tarnished an almost complete Federal victory was the Coalition's relentless ferocity. The Coalition were able to penetrate and recover a number of highly sensitive data servers that contained "Classified Information." Federal officials would not comment on the "type" of data stolen by the Coalition forces, just that it was "highly sensitive". While Federal officials have acknowledged an intel breach on-site, they claim there was not enough information obtained by the Coalition to be a threat to any Federal forces. FNN's combat journalist embedded with Federal's 12th Mountain Brigade during the battle tells us this was one of the closest and most fierce engagements that he has encountered in the three years of covering this civil war. Reports of casualties were heavy on both sides and Federal forces have now been mobilized south, back towards Coalition lines. It is rumored that the Federal forces will use "Special Operation Teams" over the winter months to set up a system of "Lilly Pads" which are small Forward Operating Bases for constant incursions across Coalition lines. A Federal officer who spoke on the condition of anonymity was quoted "We plan to harness the enemy until they have no more fight left in them." This could be a long hard winter for both the Federals and the Coalition. Coalition Troops resting after a 8 hour firefight with Federal forces Courtesy GETTY Images
  16. Federals Successfully Raid Coalition Stronghold Wes Mantooth – FNN Federal forces undertook a risky mission across enemy lines to assault what was was described to FNN as a high value "Coalition Command Stronghold" by a senior Federal official. There are few details other than soldiers from the Federal 23rd regiment supported Federal SOF teams in raiding the Coalition compound in what one military analyst has termed a "Decapitation Strike". While the raid was described as successful Federal forces took many more casualties than expected. Speaking anonymously because he didn't not have the authority to address the media, one Federal officer was quoted: "The Coalition defense was much fiercer than intelligence estimates, not to mention these men are now fighting on their home soil. The complexity of the urban environment did not help either as most overwatch positions were heavily fortified by Coalition machine guns and snipers. Without close air support it's difficult to make gains without a high casualty rate. With Coalition air defense so thick this far south it was virtually impossible for any aircraft to be on station" Federal forces withdrew late Sunday once it was apparent they could not control the city complex before Coalition reinforcements came from the Louisiana and Texas territories. While not being able to occupy Shelby City, Federal commanders were pleased to announce that their SF teams were able to recover valuable "Technical Data and Hardware" from some of the Coalition communication centers during the 48 hour battle.
  17. Coalition Launch Surprise July 4th Offensive Wes Mantooth – FNN In the early morning hours numerous Federal bases were overrun by Coalition forces along the bordering territories. First hand reports have Coalition forces assaulting Federal installations in New Mexico, Colorado, Southwestern Oklahoma and Southwestern Arkansas. The highly coordinated and well executed offensive has come to the utter shock and horror of Federal military planners and government officials. More news as it develops.
  18. Support for Federal Government Growing Wes Mantooth – FNN Support for the Federal government has been growing in towns that are situated near the Federal / Coalition borders. Popular opinion seems to be swaying with the recent Federal victories over the Coalition Army, a recently released PEW poll has found. Defense secretary Williams announced this morning during his weekly press conference that the Federal Naval blockade is now in place and has already been interdicting shipping traffic both to and from Coalition ports. Secretary Williams was quoted as saying: "Our Navy has already stopped a half dozen transport vessels ladened with weapons from reaching Coalition ports." Secretary Williams would not comment on what type of weapons or their port of origin. More Federal convoys have been spotted heading south through Arkansas, Oklahoma and east from Georgia. News affiliates from Louisiana and Mississippi still report troop transports lottering off the cost of Gulfport and Pascagoula.
  19. Federals Victorious in Oklahoma Wes Mantooth - FNN Major victory from new Federal strategy. The United Federal Army dealt the Coalition a decisive defeat along the rolling hills of North East Oklahoma. It appears three times is the "Charm" as Coalition forces have repulsed similar Federal advances with what some would say "ease" the previous two springs. However changes in Washington have brought in a new Secretary of Defense who has worked tirelessly with Federal military planners in engineering what they hope will be a final end to the second most bloody conflict in American history. According to Defense Secretary Williams: "One of the biggest problems we faced with politicians in Washington was the idea that the Coalition Army was made up of farmers and construction workers and they could not possibly be an effective fighting force. That was quickly proven wrong as the Coalition was knocking on the doorsteps of Virginia and the Carolinas the following year. As a matter of fact our military commanders regard the Coalition as one of the finest fighting forces in the world. [The] strategy before I took office was designed to buy time and stem any further states from seceding to find a diplomatic solution. However once the Coalition begun their surprisingly effective offense on the Eastern States a new solution had to be developed". FNN's chief military analyst Fred Guttenberg describes the new Federal strategy: "The United Federal States have basically adopted that "Secure and Hold" tactic that we found to be so useful in the Gulf War and Afghanistan. The Federal government has enacted a blockade and imposed trade sanctions on the Coalition which most other countries will follow in fear of financial repercussions from the Federal States. This of course will adversely affect the Coalition States economies and in turn slow their military capabilities." Late breaking news had Federal Marine 7th Amphibious Fleet 25 miles offshore of Mobile, Alabama. While the regular Federal Army was reported to be traveling South down I-40. We will bring you more information as details emerge.
  20. Federal Blitzkrieg Wes Mantooth – FNN Various FNN affiliate stations are reporting that Federal forces have begun to conduct what appears to be a very precise, coordinated and methodical raids on Coalition / Civilian command and control facilities throughout Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. From news coming in, Federal Special Forces in conjunction with the Federal Marines have taken major communication hubs including both television and data complexes in Kansas City, Fort Smith, Joplin. FNN is also receiving news that the majority county and municipal airports / airfields are under Federal control along with all major South bound interstates from Kansas City and Joplin. FNN's military analyst Ken Foster had this to say about this morning news: "A military action of this scope is a logistical feat. Federal forces have hit multiple Coalition and civilian installations in almost a simultaneous attack that we have not seen the likes of since World War II. This new Spring Offensive, coupled with the Federal blocks of the Coalition's ports might prove the end is in sight for this horrible conflict." ​FNN will have more news as it develops.
  21. Federal Forces on the Move Wes Mantooth – FNN It appears that the Federal Forces have initiated their Spring offensive. Dubbed "Operation Spartan Strike" by military officials. We have seen lightning strikes in the last 72 hours with Federal troops pouring in and occupying key interstates and fuel depots in Missouri, Arkansas and Kansas. ​Federal Special forces traveling covertly in specialized commercial tractor trailer trucks have infiltrated and seized the airport in Joplin, MO (JLN). Eyewitness reports large military troop transports and cargo aircraft are landing every hour on the hour. It has also been reported that Federal troops are in control of all interstates and major North and East of Joplin, MO and Springdale, AR. Eye witness accounts have reported to FNN that Federal check points have been established on Interstate 40, 44, 49 and Highway 412. More news as the situation develops.
  22. Coalition on the Defensive! Wes Mantooth – FNN Federal forces have successfully routed the Coalition Eastern army. Federal forces have reported that last pockets of resistance have been cleared out in Tennessee, Virginia and the Carolinas. Most military analysts see this as a tactical withdrawal as Coalition military planners reposition forces in preparation for a Federal spring offensive. In other shocking news, the Coalition President Davis Jefferson and his cabinet has been accused of market manipulation and collusion with the Coalition's largest energy exporters in a price fixing scandal. In the wake of these new corruption allegations President Jefferson will be making a trip to the front lines to visit Coalition troops in the hopes of not only boosting morale, but also salvaging a badly damaged presidency as some representatives are calling for articles of impeachment. ​With food and durable goods prices rising 30% in the last 14 months, confidence in the Coalition currency is quickly evaporating in world markets.
  23. CDF - Legitimate Threat to UFS Security Wes Mantooth – FNN In the early hours of Saturday morning the small town of Roosevelt, OK erupted in violence as the Civilian Defense Force (CDF) clashed with Federal forces in an attempt to free the town of their occupation. The lighting attack at dawn caught Federal security forces off guard as CDF troops aided by Coalition Special Forces were able to breach the primary security perimeter of the Federal command and control facility. Within hours CDF forces had the majority of the town under their control and had destroyed one of the three key Federal communication infrastructure buildings. 1LT Jerry Minder spoke with FNN: "The Civilian Militia showed a very high level of organization, use of advanced TTPs - it was obvious that the Coalition had sent in either tactical advisors or SF team. We have never seen this level of complexity in past CDF attacks, they are a legitimate threat to Federal security. This is not some farm boy taking pot shots at our troops, or planning a pipe bomb on a road. Our OPs took effective fire throughout the entire engagement and were close to being overran several times. I give credit to the brave men and women of the United Federal States for holding when all hope was quickly fading." However the CDF could not sustain the pace as Federal forces leveraged their mechanized forces to break the Militia's flank and collapse in on the main CDF force. By late Saturday Federal forces had pushed the CDF out of Roosevelt, the extreme cold weather helped play a key role as poorly geared Militia lost much of their combat capabilities to weather related casualties. By Sunday afternoon Federal forces had finished securing the last few pockets of resistance.
  24. Suicide Bomber Attacks UFS Communications Center Wes Mantooth – FNN JUST BREAKING... The Federal communications facility located in Roosevelt was struck by a suicide bomber during the early evening hours. No reports of casualties or damage at this time. Rumors have it after the blast CDF forces raided the facility and capture sensitive UFS communication equipment. FNN will report as new events unfold...
  25. Violence Erupts in Roosevelt Wes Mantooth – FNN Violent protests broke out last night after Federal forces shot and killed three teenage boys. The boys ages ranging from 16 to 22 years of age did not comply with orders to "halt" and were fire upon fleeing a Federal communications site. All three boys were taken to the Federal trauma center where all expired from their wounds. A Federal committee has been put into place to investigate the shooting. It appears that sensitive Federal communication cryptographic equipment was found in the boys possession. On questioning Federal authorities FNN discovered the boys where contract labor hired out by the Federal army to carry out daily maintenance on the facility and gained access to the facility via their work detail, how they were able to obtain such sensitive communications gear is still a mystery. The Federal investigation committee for the time being assumes the boys were working with the local militia (CDF) or possibly even the Coalition and trying to pass on sensitive Federal communication code keys to those parties. FNN was told by Major Jon Davis: "These boys knew exactly what equipment to take in order to compromise our communication security. While it is a tragic loss of life, these boy knew what they were doing and their actions made them active combat participants in a theater of war." Regardless of the reasoning the, the deaths of these young boys have put the people in Roosevelt and surrounding areas over the tipping point. Local protests and random violence is now on ongoing issues for the UFS soldiers stationed in the area. Martial law has been reinstated, citizens found out after curfew can be detained without question or even shot on site. The local militia has become more brazen with raids on Federal check points and looting of weapons / food stores. The situation has reached a boiling point and this reporter fears the worst for the good people of Roosevelt if they continue to harbor these terrorist they call "CDF".
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