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  1. I'm pretty certain that you'll have to mechanically disable Auto.
  2. Dojo

    General questions

    This thing is badass. Has enough room to hold all my gear, tools, ammo, gas, grenades, smokes, comms, cams and batteries. PLUS has enough room to store my sleep system and some camping gear. Has this tool tray that fits any small stuff to get easy access. The table portion pulls out from the underside of the cover. The table pulls straight up and the legs hinge automatically into place and lock. The work surface is large enough to do any kind of work needed. The table height is approx. 38-39 inches. I am 6ft and the table comes to my waist perfectly. This thing seems pretty stout. Has a large depressed portion on the lid to secure more toolboxes/coolers. I name-marked mine. The lid opens to a maximum of 90 degrees to keep stress off the lid. The slide out pull handle makes this thing really easy to move around. Hinges are put under too much pressure due to pistols that keep the lid form slamming open or closed. Has a spot to safely lock up your goodies. We will see how this thing works. I may post some update photos if I make any changed. I hope this gives someone else a good idea.
  3. @PIECES here ya go bud. http://americanmilsim.com/forum/index.php?/topic/5111-fort-hood-entry-for-rdg-xvi-please-read/
  4. Dojo

    General questions

    **UPDATE** I liked the job box idea so much that after work today I went out and purchased this bad boy. It's called the "Mobile Command Center" by IRWIN. Found it at my local Lowe's when I went in search of options. It has a foldout table that I think we can all use onsite for gun maintenance. I think ill also use it for a cooking platform in the evening at camp. It has enough space inside that I will be able to wheel everything from the car to the AO. Let me know what you think.
  5. Dojo

    General questions

    @TWEAK89 That's a really great idea. Please post some pics of the setup inside yours. Is it large enough that one can also store their AO camping gear? I looked into those after seeing your post and there are some 50 and 60 gallon versions form other companies like Stanley. I am considering just storing EVERYTHING I am bringing in one and rolling it to the FOB. Thoughts?
  6. @XA ADAN Will you guys carry stock with you onsite at RDG or will you just be bringing orders placed on your website?
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