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  1. The UFS are nothing more then patriots fighting for the Union. Cost forces are treasonous rebels who instead of leaving the country tried to take it over. Although the country isn't in the best shape now. The USA was great, it will become great again once the extremist rebels are all gone. CDF we hope you choose the right side in this war. -Titan out.
  2. During the night game I had a Gen 2 monocular. Another player had a Gen 3 bino. Both of us ended up retrieving the 'objective' (One, pissed coverd, JP) and extracting him. However, before we extracted him I was able to sneak up and shoot 2-3 players who were attempting to get revived by a medic. During the heat of combat one of them asks " Hey, are you using night vision?.... Can I see?". Despite being way behind enemy lines I stopped, popped my 'dead light' and pulled my night vision off of my helmet to let them see through it. We joked about how it was 'only gen 2' and how I was 'envious' of the guy with Gen 3 (who I ended up calling Gen 3 the whole night lol). This all going on with JP not 10 ft from us. LOL THAT WAS ME. I thought jp was just another admin and payed no attention. *FACEPALM* thanks for letting me see your NVGS though they're cool as shit
  3. Im ufs and was wondering are dark blue jeans and tan top ok, or is tan top to bottom a must?
  4. Bought from METAL. Everything arrived on time and in great condition. 10/10 all the way!!!!!
  5. Does your SCAR-L come with a battery, and charger? Also how many mags does it come with?
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