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    Follow up question: What do people usually do for food when camping? Obviously there isn't a "lunch break" so I plan to bring stuff to eat on the field for lunch, but I would like a hot meal at night. Can we bring charcoal grills, or is gas the way to go?
  2. I would love to know if/when Op 34 will happen. I hope it is scheduled for the Spring in 2018, I won't be able to attend if it is in the Fall.
  3. Hey all, Just wanted to stop by and say hello from the Chicagoland south suburbs. Really excited to get into MilSim. I used to airsoft pretty regularly about 10 years ago, but have recently started picking it up again. Looking forward to next year's events. Any idea when the 2018 schedule will be released? Cheers all! -Ams
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