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  1. Blacksite was my first milsim event, but it's not going to be my last. American Milsim did a very good job in my opinion. It was way more than I could have every expected. The AO was huge. The guys that played for UFS and COST were great. Good teamwork and sportsmanship on both sides. Did not expect flashbangs. Very realistic. Had a blast. Thank you american milsim, UFS leaders, for a very exciting weekend. Looking forward to the next event. It can only get better.
  2. What about tactical shirts? The middle will be covered by my gear. The sleeves match my pants.
  3. I bought my ticket to play for the UFS, and noticed that there were five or six uniform colors on the webpage. When my ticket printed, I noticed the options for the uniforms were on the ticket also. The A TACS/AU uniform is on the ticket, but it's not on the website for the UFS side. Are the uniforms that are on the ticket that I printed the available uniforms, or the do we need to follow the website?
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