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  1. I know there is no access to potable water or food but what about outhouses or restrooms? Just trying to plan ahead. I plan on camping Friday and Sat
  2. So Im thinking about running in the night op on Friday as there are still tickets up for grabs. My question is what is recommended as a load-out? I dont run Night vision as I prefer wearing a boonie over tac helmet. I do run a laser light combo on my M4 but I was wondering if I should pick up a low light scope form my rifle to use? Thanks Cody "Hulk" W.
  3. Will it be cash only or are you able to take cards out in BFE?
  4. I'll be driving from Reno through Vegas and Pheonix. I have one seat available in my car if anyone needs a ride. Im leaving Thursda morning the 1st at 0800 and plan on driving all day to make it by Thursday night. I will be staying in Lordsburg till Friday morning.
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