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  1. Thanks for the response. I appreciate it.
  2. I am trying to perfectly tune a couple of my gas rifles prior to arriving at Ironclad 3. In regards to chrono, is the hop up to be set as it will be fielded or turned off? I usually set my guns around 10fps low to be on the safe side. The rules specifically state that the hop up must be off, but at my first milsim, Black Site; nobody told us to make sure the hop up units were off at the chrono station. Can someone please clarify this?
  3. I have a Wraith 12gram Co2 stock waiting for installation. I don't think that these have a built in tournament lock like most of the on-tank regulators. Are you guys OK with putting one of the AMS anti-tamper stickers over the adjustment screw/buffer tube? Thank you.
  4. Related to this discussion... I have looked at a few sealed glasses that are rated ANSI Z87.1 (I believe Pyramex is one). The user manual says something along the lines of "not for paintball and/or military reenactment". They also state that they are not shatter resistant. What's the deal? Is that for liability purposes and are these still good to go? I saw a lot of players using these glasses at AMS and other fields. Also, regarding the ESS NVG goggles. These have foam glued in place around the exterior of the frame. Many players remove this to help combat fog. With the foam removed, there is still a rubber gasket that shouldn't allow a bb to penetrate. Is this approved? I would think that any bb with enough force to get through the gasket would have probably torn the thin layer of foam too. Thank you.
  5. New to airsoft and only played one milsim so far (Black Site) but wanted to share my experience with the DMR and sniper role. This is coming from a player filling a standard rifleman role. It's always possible to improve the ruleset of the game to be more enjoyable for everyone , but I do feel that the DMR/snipers that I worked in close proximity with were utilized to their fullest. They were crucial to penetrating enemy lines and pushing forward. In many cases we were able to combat enemies that had high ground and/or outranged our standard riflemen by calling for support from our DMR/Sniper units. Without their support, a lot of engagements could have been turned into stalemates or losses altogether. Set winning the fight aside, a stalemate in airsoft where neither group can quite get the range to make good hits kind of ruins the flow of the game and feels more like a paintball match. When I'm paying so much to attend an event like this, I really want the whole milsim package. I think these events would lose some of their luster without the specialty roles. I think it would be a huge mistake to remove these roles from gameplay. If the talk of removing these roles is safety related, I'm sure there are restrictions that can be put into place without handicapping the performance of the rifles. I'm interested to see why this is a possibility.
  6. I'm trying to better understand the faction/squad limits for the sniper role. Does a single sniper in a squad count towards the overall faction limit of (4) sniper/spotter teams? The rules state that there are 4 sniper/spotter teams per faction and 1 sniper per squad. Thank you in advance.
  7. I agree with everything Wharkins wrote, good and bad. I have one detail to add that is only a small gripe. There were some stalemates that we experienced on first floor entries where the doors had a section of thin vertical window panes next to them; typical of many school-type entryways. 2 opposing factions could see each other so neither side would make a move because you are able to see what the player on the other side of the window is about to do. I felt that it impeded the flow of the game. Maybe it's worthwhile to black out windows like that? To clarify I am not suggesting removing large windows from play, especially on 2nd and 3rd stories. It might be cool to have more windows on 2nd and 3rd stories open to allow for elevated gunfights between buildings and vantage points to targets on the ground. There may be some angles that would have to be excluded for safety and to prevent items whether guns or grenades from falling and hitting someone from that high up. This was my first milsim event and I was extremely impressed. The gun battles were out of control and pyro added a whole new dynamic to the gameplay. I will be back guaranteed. One of the things I enjoyed was being able to really leverage the specialty roles like designated marksmen and other support to make a push successful. Huge thanks to those who put on the events and all of those that were able to attend.
  8. Who knows though... Alabama is ridiculous when it comes to weather. Having options when it comes to eyewear is not a bad idea. Extended forecast shows mid 40's for low and mid 60's high.
  9. FYI, the AO is within 5 min to fast food and Wal Mart. If you forget something in that area you'll be fine. We had training down there in the Nov. timeframe a couple years ago and it was cold at night and hot as balls during the day with no wind.. Definitely have water squared away and clothing options. I had huge fogging issues with our simunition masks and most other ballistic goggles so definitely bring your best gear to combat fogging. I bought a Dye I4 mask with thermal lens just for this event. It can be super humid down there with little wind.
  10. If you are LE, you can usually get the hookup at Long Leaf Inn. It's like half a mile from the AO. They stay booked up around this time for the academy class but might get lucky if you keep calling.
  11. Thanks for the response. This is my first AMS and was making sure I didn't need to pick up a second air tank to last the weekend.
  12. *** SOLD *** I have a KSC G17 GBB pistol that I'd like to sell. I purchased it brand new from an overseas shop about 2 months ago. It currently has only had 46 rounds fired through it and a little bit of use from drawing from the holster for practice obtaining a good sight picture. It functions perfectly and is surprisingly accurate. The pistol is adult owned and cared for just as a real firearm would be. I originally purchased it as a training aid to my duty pistol but have lost interest after getting simunition pistols. I have done 2 modifications to the pistol. I installed real OEM Glock (plastic) sights, and a real Tango Down extended magazine release in FDE. The pistol will come with the original box, magazine loader tool, manual, and x2 KSC magazines. I'm looking for $150 shipped with payment via PayPal. I think this is a fair price considering the extra magazine is included and you do not have to worry about shipping costs. *Please be aware, the fit and finish is pretty good on this gun but there are some factory blemishes in addition to some holster wear. It is still in very good condition and looks great; just don't expect something brand new.
  13. Looking for a G&P PEQ15 with IR aiming capability. (I guess there's a cheaper version without IR laser). Please PM me with what you have.
  14. Sup all, I'm new to milsim and airsoft pretty much altogether. After watching videos of past AMS events and doing some research, I decided to look into AMS games and saw that an event was coming to my area. I decided to go ahead and purchase a gun and a Black Site ticket. I've gotten a lot of good information on this site so far. Looking forward to the experience.
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