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  1. Anyone Find a Trash bag with an LBX MultiCam Camo Kit in it? Had a pair of Rocky Boots aswell
  2. I had bought a bunch of mid-caps for making a more real feel for the game. However, when you have 100 rounds and someone else has over 300 and does not let go of the trigger or call their hits. Takes a lot of the fun out of it. I would go all real caps if a game called for it. Would make them think about ammo before unloading.
  3. Wow, I did hear one kid say on Sunday that they changed the rules so T-B's were seen as a grenades. Someone was making stuff up.
  4. So they count as grenades if there are BB's/projectiles inside it and they hit the people? If I remember the rules correctly at OBH the T-B's were only distraction devices. right?
  5. Sounds cheaper than BB's! Might have to get a T-B now, I have a tornado at the moment. T-B easier maintenance that the tornadoes?
  6. My crew lost a handful of Nerf rockets. All of our rockets have "LOL" written in black sharpie on them. On each of the fins and nose of the rockets. I know one of the admins said they had a bunch in a dufflebag but when we went to collect them something about the duffelbag was with another admin. Thanks guys! A set of keys too, in case by some stroke of luck anyone found.
  7. @Otang: That looks pretty cool but to be honest over complicating it might turn a lot of people off with points and all. Trying to think of ways for Zombies to respawn effectively, in the video they walk the other way when hit, this is interesting might just do that instead of bleed outs to keep the hoard coming. Might still try and integrate metal plates for hit boxes for the zombies just for realism and so the zombies can get at the survivors before dying/leaving to regroup for another attack.
  8. @Joe: I like the pie tin idea, or maybe small metal plates. Added bonus everyone KNOWS they were hit. Paintball masks would be a must for the zombies. Being a zombie would be 1/2 the fun! I can see how some people might not like that though. @Postman: I agree with the risk of losing eye pro. Hmmm....What about a flag, like flag football? @Doc: Spring shotguns would be a blast. I don't see a problem with electric/propane pistols they are for under 20 feet at most OP's anyways. CO2 pistols I would be leery of, I have seen some of those shooting 400 and up depending on the weather and temp. Spring pistols I think would take away some of the fun and realism. Propane shotguns with multi-shot would be cool too. They are usually about 320 to 350 fps. Seems like the general consensus that it should be mainly shotgun and pistols for survivors. Truth be told I always had the most fun with those two weapons in backyard matches with my family and friends. Face it, its what 50 to 60 bucks for a nice spring multi-shot shotgun and shells are cheap too. With some of the rigs that run at the OP's a shot gun is the price of a multi-cam pouch. lol Even the new clone 5-shot gas shotguns are like 165 to 180 bucks and no shells needed. Personally I am looking at one for CQB fields alone seems like a fun alternative.
  9. Found the ABC video and posted under the YouTube video.
  10. I can see you point with the eye pro and mid-caps only if that. The scenario on the ABC broadcast they only used shotguns and they were inside an abandoned mall. The objective was to collect food and supplies from a certain area of the mall. Shotguns and pistols would be the staples I would think, limit the number of rifles in the group and mid-caps only.
  11. I have been seeing some stuff on YouTube and ABC about a zombie apocalypse game type. I saw the YouTube videos few months ago and the ABC news was just tonight. They are doing zombie like scenarios with people acting as zombies and survivors. Had the reporter playing a survivor and getting eaten by the zombie players when he could not fight them all off. Only real rules I have found are each player must bring a set of cloths for playing either side. Seems like it usually involves a band of survivors going on a set trail going from point A to point B and trying to make it before they get overwhelmed. Survivors use guns and zombies have a much larger force and melee weapons or just grab the survivors. Just search "Zombie Airsoft Survival" on you tube quite a few videos. YouTube: [media=] [/media] ABC Package: http://abcnews.go.com/Nightline/video/zombie-apocalypse-abandoned-uk-mall-16608062 I will be looking for the ABC video, seemed like some sort of training exercise. Since the package aired tonight will most likely be on their site tomorrow. I will post link if I can find it. Thought this might be a cool idea for the Oklahoma community to try out or at least bounce around ideas to make a fun new game type we can all enjoy. -Dice
  12. "Dice" just short for DiceOfSeven, gaming name from Battlefield and Blizzard games. Still use it and own it down to homemade dice key chains, necklaces, and weapon engravings. Everyone thinks I like to gamble when they see them; however, I have never actually gambled. lol
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