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  1. So just seeing all these posts trying to help. Here is what I have found out so far while trouble shooting my problems. -I have reset all both radio to factory default -Radio in question can transmit but cannot recieve even after factory default -I have changed all antenna to the stock provided antenna -I have re programed both radios to try and find a freq that will work (have yet to find one) From what I can tell I the radio will pick up any freq I put into it (even NOAA weather radio) but with or without a headset or handset it just will not transmit for whatever reason. If any of you can think of any possible solution please feel free to message me your suggestions. What sucks is that my older radio which is beat to hell is working fine while this barely a year old one just wont transmit at all. Right now if I can't find a practical solution I might just have to order a new set from Amazon and abuse the Prime membership I hardly even use.
  2. So I have a UV-5R where it can't transmit but can receive audio. I can hear the mic key in my other radios but only get static or nothing at all. I have tried doing a factory reset and removing the handset all together. Is there any qucik fix for this or am I just SOL and out of a radio? Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. Thanks for the info. I was planning on camping out there, good to know that it will be an option. I have heard plenty of stories of how brutal this AO is and how big of a break off it is. Thank the Lord for going to Bridgeport this past summer lol. The semi timeline gives me something to work with when it comes to travel and what to expect. Can't wait for this op
  4. Alright so I was finally able to get a weekend off without work, that reservist life, or an unplanned back surgery nixing my plans (thanks Marine Corps for stopping my Black Site trip lol). I've been to a few local milsim events but BH7 will be my first AMS event. I do have a few question so I'll list them below. Thanks in advance. 1) Is there a standard timeline for these event 2) Any suggestions in general for someone who has never attended an AMS event 3) Is there anyone from the Middle Tennessee area also going to this event
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