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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. Is Sunday formation at 10:30 or 9:30?
  2. I signed up and paid for a helo run but am not on the schedule. Can you check into this please? Thanks Shawn Moore
  3. I am flying in to the event so am limited by what I can put in my luggage. Who are the on site vendors that I could contact for things like Taginn projectiles, pea grenades? Thanks
  4. I had my Baofang programmed at Black Site. Are those settings still good or do I need to reprogram?
  5. I only find one form. The one form has 2 pages. Is their another form I am missing?
  6. I only find one form. The one form has 2 pages. Is their another form I am missing?
  7. Black Site will be my first AMS event. I have been watching for activity on the Secure UFS / E-10 forum but have not noticed any. Is it not up yet? Can I get connected into that forum now? Also, is there a way for me to link up with the other members of my DAM team?
  8. I will be signing up for a DAM, but was looking for info on gear prep levels. The Alpha DAM at Copperhead 3 was noted as a level 3 for difficulty / gear prep. I am not concerned about difficulty, but I do not want to come up short on the proper gear. Does level 3 mean that NODs are a must? What special gear is needed for a level 3 DAM? Level 2? Thanks
  9. I found only one document. Does BOTH forms mean both pages of the one attached form, or is there another form located somewhere else on the site? Thanks.
  10. I am trying to set up flights to and from Wisconsin and need a little schedule guidance. I found last year's schedule in the archives but that didn't help me with Friday DAM schedule. 2 keys for me... 1. what time should I be on site if I want to do the Friday night DAM without being crazy rushed? 2. Is Sunday Endex likely to be 2 pm like last year?
  11. New to AMS but not to milsim. I tried to find these clarifications in the forums and rules but could not. If there is a good thread on this kind of stuff or a forum I am missing please advise. Questions at the beginning and safety kill commentary at the end. Grenades: thunder Bs are listed in the rules under frag grenades, but I read later in the rule set that they only count as frags if used in a suicide attack. 1. are thunder Bs NOT lethal in normal combat? 2. are thunder Bs allowed to be loaded with BBs to make them lethal in normal combat? 3. does soft cover (brush, small trees) protect you from a grenade? 4. what constitutes a suicide attack? Rockets: In the POV explanation it notes that a rocket must hit the front of a vehicle so the driver can see it. 1. can a POV hit be called (not in the front) by an admin? Bleedout: rules state I can yell or radio for a medic. 1. After I am hit, do I HAVE to stay for my 5 minute bleedout, or can I choose to return to respawn immediately? 2. When I RADIO for a medic, can I tell them my position? DAM: 1. can I sign up for a DAM as a single, or are these for teams only? Safety kill: rules state that accepting a safety kill is optional (what follows is a comment, not a question). I strive to convince others it should not be optional. Here comes my 2 cents. -A safety kill offer usually means someone bested you. Give kudos to the guy and accept. -A safety kill is intended to minimize pain and possible physical damage (skin penetration / chipped teeth at short range). Making it optional only discourages its use by concerned / honorable players. -Refusing a safety kill is NOT milsim. What is the real world equivalent? It does not exist. You get shot. No warning. -This is NOT the equivalent of attempting to force a surrender and taking a live captive. If an airsoft opponent of mine wants to try to take me alive, I wish him luck, and I WILL shoot him. If a guy gets the drop on me and wants to spare me BBs under my bare skin, "Thanks, brother. I will do the same for you next time." -There is no way to know which guy is going to refuse your safety kill offer and spin around and shoot you at very close range, so the best thing to do is just shoot everybody, even at very close range. It's the only way to be safe. I have been on both ends of very close shooting. We all know how it sucks to get shot at very close range. It also sucks to injure another player. I have made that mistake and I grew from it. In trying to glorify our awesome sport, we push words like HONOR, INTEGRITY, SPORTSMANSHIP and DISCIPLINE. How is refusing a safety kill reflective of anything but the opposite of all of those? Let's encourage good sportsmanship, trigger discipline and minimizing medical issues that could end a guy's weekend. Happy to hear other opinions.
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