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  1. gotcha i figured as much. thank you. question though since ill be removing my chesy rig and i wear alice y harness with the old m16 pouches how should i cover up that empty space on my chest since im wearing a black pt carrier
  2. Sorry to be that guy but I'm running 30 round real caps with my WE GBBR. It wasn't an issue with the old 1500 round rule but the new 7 mag kills me especially since my kit has room for 14 mags or a measly 420 rounds not including possible malfunctions. so do I just need to ruck up cause this means I have to seriously consider getting rid of almost all my kit and switching to aeg which means I wasted about $700+ for immersion I can't use edit: this sounds very whiny but for transperency ill leave the original post. this will be my first ams event and i tailored my kit to the old ruleset back around bh2 kinda culminating in this especially since this will probably be my only milsim event before i finish highschool and head to ft.sill for basic. and my question is there any parlay for gbb users magazine carry ammount and if not can any gbbr users give me tips for dealing with the handicap ps. look forward to helping with teardown at copperhead 3
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