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  1. How can I access this?
  2. Will a digital map for us to print be published on here, prior to the last week of August?
  3. Please, clarify the final safety briefing time for Saturday.
  4. Has the leadership been selected? Who are they?
  5. I agree with Sabre. MSW has a good idea in the spirit of milsim, fun, and realism. A 4 foot COBAN wrap is just fine, but a buddy should be able to administer buddy aid for your first hit to get you back into the fight. That's real world, right there. We don't need TQ's, but I also am not opposed to using TQ's, whether real or simulation. As for the second hit, I'm enamored with the idea of making us all down a bottle of water. Whatever the situation may be, the troop probably needs that water before he continues on.
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