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  1. Family emergency came up and now have to sale my two UFS tickets!! Asking 150.00 for both. Please contact Daniel Caldwell [email protected] 2144702676 Accept paypal..will send qr codes upon payment
  2. Family emergency came up and now have to sale my two Southern Front, UFS tickets!! Asking 150.00 for both. Please contact Daniel Caldwell [email protected] 2144702676 Accept paypal..will send qr codes upon payment
  3. My apologies...i play both roles and my dmr shoots just as far as my sniper..i had lumped the two as one. Again did not mean to stir up false information. Im an old newbie who enjoys both roles and just got them together. Sinceresy Regrets
  4. Just wanted to post this topic to gather inputs directly from those who want to keep sniping in the AMS game play. Post your thoughts and lets keep Snipers as an active participant in AMS Events for the future!!!! (AMS has no intention of removing Snipers from future game play) -MODERATOR
  5. VOTE "YES" to AGENDA 2018 (Keep Snipers in AMS!!)

  6. I believe if a person wants to pay to play as a sniper, then let them pay. Removing it entirely would be going away from MilSim. The game creators should spend a bit more time to integrate a sniper team in to the mix. Working directly with command and throwing in some HVT take downs for points...I have played both ways and IMHO...I was able to be very effective for assault teams playing as sniper role. Keep Mil Sim...exactly that!! If we all loaded up with plate carriers and charged a wall of bb's..only to respawn and try again..then that would just be boring. There are plenty of people already to support assault roles...your talking about 8 people out of a few hundred..that want to play that role. Don't throw that away...just because. I would sadly no attend milsim if i did not have the option to play Sniper. I just enjoy it to much as do the others who play it. BTW...why is AMS even considering removing it? What is so troublesome that the consideration is on the table? People loved my sniper rifles at both Broken Home and Reindeer games!! Are people complaining...or just think is Non Value Added? Either way...its part of the game....SO PLEASE KEEP IT!! Oh...and i think they should be able to shoot from buildings!! Keep in mind...once the MED is broken by the opposition..sniper is useless without a team or backup gun..he has to retreat..from building or not. So keep access to buildings!!
  7. I appreciate the correction...it totally changed my game...the bbs I brought and set up were way off the mark...i was lucky to get a decent shot off further than 200 feet due to bb dropping at lower fps. Had it been correct...i would have had my 300 ft range back. YEAH!!!!!! Now I will return to AMS event ready for the correct fps and be able to play the role. Note:I had argued this at the event but no one wanted to dig in to it or make the change. Thanks to all for contributing to this thread!!
  8. So I have to say that the new rule change to the fps limits for how BOLT action sniper was very confusing! When I signed up... Limit was 43x fps with .32.... Only to get to the event and find out if was changed to 370 fps. Rifleman was 320 Dmr 355 Sniper bolt was 370!!!! Why the change? And if you consider the engagement distance...it seems that a semi dmr was just a few .xx Joules less with closer engagement distance Than my bolt sniper rifle. Can someone please show the logic behind this....as it seemed very unfair for bolt sniper running wolverine bolt sniper. Are you going by Joules....or fps? Chrono was strictly fps at bh6...I think it was very crushing for those of us who geared up for hpa sniper?
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