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  1. I love CYMA I have a CM.028s (underfolder version) It's been through multiple rainy games and it's outlasted my cousins FN Herstal Scar L But after every rainy game I would open it up and make sure everything was dry and every time there was little to no condensation. Love CYMA AKs but I'm looking for something more modular like a M4 but different from everyone else. I did find the GHK G5 M4 I really like it. It run about $289 on evike and $295 on airsoft gi but I can use coupons on gi. Is GHK a good company? Thanks for all the advice guys
  2. What brand's would you guys recommend for a base gun? I've had good experience with Cyma aks and they make all their gun full metal for a very good price. I was also looking at classic army because they have what appears to be awesome internals and I was thinking about getting a KM10 but it's made of "nylon fiber" and I'm not sure how durable that is. Thanks for the input
  3. So those of you who have seen my previous posting's know that I want to go to Iron Horse 3 next year and I was planning to buy a Krytac CRB to play. However I've watched a couple YouTube reviews and they have built better m4's in the same price range. I'm no tech so if I were to do anything I would buy a base model and build it up. So I guess the question is ... Premium vs. Custom ? As always thank you for your time All advice, suggestions/ comments are appreciated. PeaceMaker27
  4. I already have a good old hiking hat. It's a light tan color. If I get a helmet it will be a bike helmet and I can spray paint and mount thing's too it but that's not going to happen until I'm ready for a "upgrade" Also I was scrolling around on YouTube and I found couple cool reviews on battle belts / war belts. Which look awesome and will support the light weight idea behind my load out. I also am attracted to soft taco mags. The only problem is they are 40 bucks a piece. So I have the idea of sewing some up for myself. Thoughts on a battle belt?
  5. Love the recommendations guys!!! So here's what my future gear list consist of: - Krytac CRB (It's a 10 mag bundle) - Elite Force Pistol and I'll buy the extended mag for it Or the FN Herstal FNX-45 With the extra mag - with the Blackhawk SERPA holster (nice holster thxs) - I'll go to a surplus store and spend 100 bucks on different BDUS - The Condor MOPC plate carrier (still looking into pouches) - I already have a 5.11 24 hour rush pack - I already have 922 bates boots that will work - The UV-R5 Radio - idk about frags. I might get 1 but that's probably not happening until I feel I'm ready to "upgrade" same with smoke grenades My only problems now: 1. Helmet? 2. I'm going to use my 2s lips with the krytac will that work? They recommend a 3s I think that's it. It roughly adds up to 700-750 Not including shipping :-( What do you guys think? P.s. I'm planning on running the krytac completely stock for little while. But if all goes well I'll have it externally customized before iron horse 3
  6. I like the Condor MOPC. It's reasonably priced and I can customize it over time.
  7. I'm wanting to go to operation Iron Horse 3 next year but from what I have for my load out I feel I am very ill prepared. So I decided to set a roughly large budget (what I consider large, Idk about you guys) I'm estimated somewhere between 600-800 dollars. -My current load out is a Cyma CM.028S Ak47 with the mag it came with - I have two 7.4v 1200 mah Venom Lipo batteries - I have Black Woodland camo cargo pants (I guess that's the type of camo?) - with a OD green hoodie -And a 24 hour 5.11 rush pack in coyote brown - Last but not least I have that cheap pastic face mask and goggles I've been in at least 10- 15 backyard airsoft games. In the rain and cold and on hot sunny day in a jungle environment. So I have little to some experience. BTW if you are new at this sport I highly highly recommend Venom Lipo batteries. If they break or fail for any reason, even if it's your fault the company will replace them. Also the Cyma AK is mostly metal which is outstanding for 75 bucks and that version 3 gear box won't die. Anyway.... This load out I am working on is designed to fit the role of a rifle man and suppose to be fairly light weight I am stuck on a couple things for my load out .. - I definitely know I want a Krytac Trident CRB, wolf gray from evike for 355 (unless there is a better place?) Looking at this rifle are some externals I would like to add to it but if it doesn't fit the budget it's not necessary. 1. I want a Magpul UBR Stock 2. I want an Aim Point T1 or T2 3. Magpul Flip up sights 4 Magpul Forgrip 5.An offset flash light 6. Maybe some rail covers for better grip on the hand guard.. but that's not needed. BTW if I can I will order this stuff off of snitactical.com (Not paying 300 bucks for a stock lmao) The things I'm having trouble with 1. Will the color of my cargo pant's work? 2. What chest rig? 3.What color chest rig ? 4. Side arm? 5. What brand for side arm? 6. Grenades? 7. Smoke Grenades? 8. Will a 3s Lipo fit in a UBR Stock? (Stick type) 9.helmet? 10. Radio? So as you all see I am completely and utterly lost. Again I would like to fit all that stuff between 600-800 bucks and even cheaper if I can. As always thanks for your time. I also apologize for all these question lol Any and all advice/ Recommendations are appreciated PeaceMaker27 P.S. I like the OD camo pattern for CoST So I guess I'll join that side. That and that's the type of environment I usually play in.
  8. Hello, I was reading the rules and regulations to know what to buy for my future load out. Based on what I read it stated "Player may carry 7 magazines" Does this mean up to 7 mags? Or does it mean minimum of 7 mags? As always Thanks for your time PeaceMaker27
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