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  1. I enjoyed it, but we won't be making the trip again. It's.... a very rough AO and a 18 hour drive for us. Not worth it in my opinion. If I had a kit built specifically for that kind of AO I might consider flying out, but as it stands it was just a bit too much for me. Basically its a bunch of buildings roughly 60 to 80 ft apart with absolutely no cover. Dead sprinting through enemy fire to move from building to building turns into a pretty much constant house crawl. Not my style really. Was still a blast though, probably because I just love the sport so much. I had to leave early due to a back injury though (my own dumb fault) so I didn't get to play into the second day. Honestly if it was closer to me, I would go again. The drive was the main factor in me not wanting to return.
  2. Arkansas here. 2 hours south of Little Rock. Unfortunately the forums are pretty dead so dunno how much of a response you will get. Welcome anyway though. Will you be playing for UFS or CoST/PSA, or are you undecided? My buddy and I here play for CoST/PSA. Just got finished attending Copperhead with him. It was his first, but he enjoyed it despite the long drive and really tough AO. We will no doubt be attending some of the closer ones in the future, though I doubt we will go back to Copperhead.
  3. A great question. I have no clue. If you ever figure that part out let me know.
  4. AEG for new players. GBB is too inconsistent with differing temps and fails out right in cold weather, and HPA is really up there on the price range. I recommend finding a platform you are comfortable with and getting a decent gun to start with. Consider upgrading the hop up and barrel right off. Flat hop and a tight bore should be super easy even if you've never messed with a gun before, or you can get someone to do it for you of course. Also be prepared for your gun to fail chrono. I had a gun that checked good at Broken Home, then was 15 over at Copperhead. Guys said it was common and due to elevation. Heard a lot of people got hit by this issue. Two of my guns were out and me and a buddy had to scramble to fill our kits out to play. If you like M4's then I'm not the guy to ask for recommendations honestly. I'm not an m4 kinda guy. I like bullpups, and smaller guns personally. I hear krytac sells some really good m4 models... but I've never owned one, so yeah. Personally I am of the mindset that all stock guns are pretty much garbage. Just do some research on the gun and be prepared to put a new barrel and at least a flat hop in it. Any gun can become a great gun with enough upgrades. As for Copperhead, Copperhead 4 just happened this weekend. It was a blast. The next one will be in a year, unless they decide to drastically change the date.
  5. You choose team when purchasing ticket. Make sure that if you want to be UFS to buy early, as they tend to run out fast. Make sure you also have the approved camo/color uniform for the faction you choose to play (UFS is Multicam/Tan generally where CoST is Woodland/OD Green). Keep in mind also your gear color doesn't matter. Only your BDU's and Helmet/Hat. However, be forewarned that if you wear a bunch of multicam over your Woodland or vice versa you are probably going to get shot by your own team mates a few times due to the confusion. I play CoST/PSA myself usually. Still kinda new to milsim myself, with only two events under my belt. Going into it I would say this: Don't skimp on the hydro. Make sure you have a good, comfortable hydro pack. Hydration is a SUPER big issue out there with new players. It get's hot... the games are long... and a canteen/bottle just doesn't cut it. If you have any other question lemme know. I know I'm no veteran to milsim, but I'd be glad to help if I can.
  6. Everything I have seen says that's fine. As long as you stick to colors/camo approved for your faction. I myself run woodland pants with OD top.
  7. I'm with KSWrench on this one. We all know the risks associated coming in to this. I (like you) chose not to wear a face mask as well due to the heat, and doing so I knew the risk of injury or possible dental damage (I have actually chipped a tooth playing CQB due to not wearing a face mask). That being said I don't see it as being a reason to re-visit the rules on engagement distances. This however is an opinion of mine from several local play areas where players... I don't know what to call it really... abuse the minimum engagement rules? Needless to say the main reason I decided to try AMS games was to get away from the constant arguments over hits and engagement distances that seem to plague the fields in my area. While your injury was unfortunate, I personally feel it was a risk you took by not wearing a face mask. I believe many would agree with me in saying that it should be a revision of your choice of whether or not to wear a mask and not of the rules themselves.
  8. Played for CoST and noticed the break down in comms (at least at the squad level) before ever even so much as stepping in my car to drive to Oklahoma. It was my first event so I really didn't know what to expect, and spent all day Thursday feeling way out of my element. Friday two guys showed up and camped nearby, found out they were in CoST as well and it was like a switch was turned on. Instantly made two new friends and felt way WAY more comfortable about the entire thing. They informed me that Comms is always an issue at these things. I myself had no comms from my squad leader nor had I heard or seen anyone from my squad. Faction brief time changed.... but I like a lot of the CoST people didn't know because it was buried in a very long email and never mentioned again. Game it self was an absolute blast. Had a few issues with dead men not using dead rags on UFS... and then getting ugly when someone shot them thinking they were still alive... but they were few and hardly detracted from the game. Didn't have any issues with people not calling hits or the like, though those kinds of things rarely get to me anyway since I'm pretty laid back. Was not impressed by the choice of FOB location for CoST on Saturday. I understand that AMS was trying to use more of the AO but it just ended with us CoST having to hike up hill for several hours before fighting. Considering the amount of Heat Casualties we had day one I would be willing to bet that attributed to it on our side a fair bit. Regardless, still had a ton of fun and am looking forward to doing it again soon. Already looking into other nearby events that I could go to in the future!
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