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  1. That was a heart of manliness my friend, not of love.
  2. Mechanix Originals. They fit me, and work like a dream.
  3. what part you from? Im located out of dfw along with other members here. Be sure to make a account on North Texas Airsoft if your located in northern texas!
  4. competitive lazer tag?!! Hellz ya, lets play sometime!!
  5. Is this event headed by AMS now? Or is it still headed by the people whom have done it for the past years? (Out of curiousity)
  6. So if my grandparents drop me off which form will I have to fill out?
  7. I will, but its a month away from my 16th birthday,so my job right now I have $4 going towards personal money and $12 towards car insurance. I only ref for 4 more weeks, but will try to make it out.
  8. The one AMS event in texas is held at a field 1 hr 35 mins away, when i have no money. Meh.
  9. The rule is; that you are allowed to offer safety kills to the person, but the person DOES NOT have to accept them. If I was 5 feet away from Kilroy, and instead of shooting him point blank I offered safety kill, and he turns around and shoots me instead thats fair game. I like the rule, and most people offer safety kills.
  10. I'm glad I didnt play multiglam, wouldnt want be on the end of AMS and MRRs rifle. It was also nice getting to hear blackbirds humor IRL, its not a dong fest that way. (inside joke)
  11. Would you be able to modify a wasatch vest not to sag? Out of curiousity.
  12. I'm not looking for trades and the prices are somewhat firm, but it couldn't hurt to offer. I'm selling my Tan G4A3 aeg. It's basically a blowback combat machine m4 with ris and different trades. It will come with two hicaps, an NC Star Sporting Scope, and a scope mount. The gun is only about half a year old and is in good condition. The only problems are feeding issues with the hicaps, the scope covers have one snapped chord, and the dust cover doesn't stay closed very well. The gun shoots at 422 fps with .2s and has decent accuracy. I'm selling the gun with the extras for $230. Pm me for more pictures.
  13. I need a glove recommendation for someone with small hands and fingers. my middle finger is about 3 inches and idk what will fit.
  14. Sweet, yeah I'm running Colombian. But my gears tan as is my gun, so I'll probaby get teamkilled. Im suprised everyone hasnt all gone Colombian, cuz the BDUs are cheaper.
  15. Programming? This doesnt look like c#, c++, java, javascript, or php so what is it? I only know java, and hopefully php soon so i cant help ya.
  16. Multicam?! Oh no!!! Ill be rolling colombian once i get the funds.
  17. Alright, once i get my Flyye PC, ill run them on my rig. Thanks!
  18. Schlabie


    Jp knows his stuff
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