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  1. Hate when your late and your last minute shopping was 3 days ago. I knew you carried AEG's normally but been looking for a sniper and I knew last year you ONLY carried AEG rifles so i'm SOL.
  2. I had prepared to do it like we did last year and was unaware we were changing it till now so I don't have the ability to buy the cable. I got baofeng and studying how to program so when I get my squad frequency/channel I can save it. Will it be too complicated to program it without the cable?
  3. Played last year at BH but my team is out this year and looking for a new one.
  4. I know this is after the game but during I had mentioned in the ams rules it says squad leaders can medic as well but my squad believed otherwise. Is there a difference in the rules for broken home? Yeah I know bh6 is over but next year I'll know.
  5. I don't know how to half cycle the mosfet. Tried tapping, full auto switching to semi mid fire, and spamming trigger. I couldn't get it done
  6. I'm still inexperienced. I'm avoiding opening the gun due to warranty because it's new but as soon as that expires I may mod it. Tight bore came in it.
  7. I just said "without damaging the spring". Also it's mosfet so can't half cycle.
  8. I got a new gun that said 360fps to 380fps. This aeg shoots 407fps with .20g bbs 6mm. That's probably too much for rifleman, anything I can do to fix this without damaging the spring?
  9. I specifically said I read the rules and none of you answered my question. One of you even supported the part about tagginn rounds being left at the base for rearm but being able to reuse its shell but I was asking for a yes or no on "is there a way to keep track of how many times I have fired a bb swarm". If not is fine. Also according to the rules, even a bb swarm is recognized as a way to take down vehicles as of this broken homes rules. As for the tips on nerf, thank you, I will keep it in mind but it's looking like investing money into any of it is out of my league for now.
  10. So I'm split due to lack of money. I can get a reusable shell that fires a lot of BBs to simulate a grenade launcher, which isn't recommended as many people don't understand grenade limits on these, but only have 1-2 of them. Or I can spend $200 to get 1 shell and 10 tagginn rounds and be able to keep track of the rounds. This is a question about the limits on grenades I can carry since I can keep reloading the BB shell but the tagginn can be kept track of by leaving my extra shells at the base like the rules say. Is there a way I can reuse my BB shell where we can keep track of how many grenades I've fired? If not then I'll have to do rifleman.
  11. Well I have friends who do games with a sniper strapped to their back and a rifle strapped to their chest harness. He runs it really well and never has an engagement problem.
  12. I see under squad support weapons that they are required to have another gun to engage minimum engagement targets. I do see where players can have as many secondary weapons as they want but names pistols. I can't seem to find a rule under the ruleset that says I may only have 1 primary weapon. I also don't see the heavy weapon specialist having anything saying they must have an AEG so I'm assuming that they can still have another gun or else they have only rockets and grenades all day. I only ask because I kinda want to carry a gun for indoors like a shotgun as well as for outdoors at med to long range since I can't have an enhanced scope.
  13. I saw press pass tickets but nothing about observers
  14. I got a fiancé coming but she isn't playing. I heard you have observers, are there limits on how many? Also is there a place she can stay cause she won't wanna walk around for hours.
  15. I got this coming in from airsoft GI http://www.airsoftgi.com/product/Lancer-Tactical-MH-Ballistic-Helmet-Foliage-14424/ Is foliage count as a COST color in a green like area or do I need to cover that?
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