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  1. Lost: Gold ipod nano touch screen with cracked screen had it friday when i was working crono..it was a birthday gift and i would like to have it back if anyone has found it
  2. originally from North Carolina, moved to Sapulpa O.K. 2 years ago
  3. do you know the price range for the food?
  4. Will there be power available for outside camping?
  5. i only got to use one and i was lucky with it...fragged a guy in the basement in 2402 (business) and after it went off, i breached the room and he was putting the pin back in his...i was lucky
  6. Its like riding a horse
  7. i wanted to share this video with all my brothers on the forums and hope yall get a laugh or either a wtf...enjoy!..
  8. Was amazing jp you and the staff did a grand job planing out events that unfolded on the fly when we took the town twice in four hours..cant wait to see all the pictures and videos There was one part where i really got to be a medic...one of the CoST guys fell into something and i helped dig gravel out of his arm I felt so proud
  9. I AM THE MASTER OF RATTLE CAN...just ask rebel..hehe
  10. @KILROY...yeah that would be awesome..and yes this video is breath taking...
  11. That only thing i can say is....Oo-rah!
  12. Good advice guys im takeing it all in and redoing my rig now
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