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  1. As the topic states. What are you all doing to prepare your guns for this weekends op or what have you don't in the past. Go.
  2. Hooah! Time to go buy a poncho
  3. Rebel

    Rain out

    To the sewers it is
  4. Rebel

    Rain out

    50% chance of rain Saturday. What is the procedure if it does rain all day at the AO? Continue to play, play at players discretion, refund, postpone? Just for curiosity purposes.
  5. Possibly just your bucking has worn out. Cheap fix if it did. I ha the same problem. Lost about 20-30 feet. Put a new bucking in and got it back.
  6. I've used everything from the real steal patches, to old t-shirts, to micro-fiber cleaning cloths. I've yielded the same results from all of them in my opinion.
  7. What I do to clean my barrel, turn the hop up all the way off, take your cleaning rod with a piece of cleaning clothes and spray the cloth with silicon oil. Within I just shove the rod through the battle several times, changing clothes and respraying the cloth as needed until the cloth comes out clean. There probably a better way but that's just how I do it.
  8. A drivers license will get you on base.
  9. Over a 12-15 hour op depending in home much your shooting can go through 5-15,000. I'm going to be bringing 20,000 to make sure I don't run out. But I shoot alot and need some for later.
  10. Rejected from military service per medical. This one don't have to worry bout being drafted anytime soon even with a asvab of (83)
  11. I'd love to go but I'll just be starting my new job at TCSO so it's a no go unfortunately.
  12. I'll pass that info onto him. Thanks alot. Se if he can find someone to do all that for him cause in not going to Virginia to do it.
  13. Guys from m7 did a review on them. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=s8Lfbgmv59g
  14. I told him to replace the orings on the piston head. Everything that came that was upgraded came in the set. Air nozzle, cylinder, piston, double o-ring pistol head. He's using a stock hop up unit with a madbull 6.03 barrel.
  15. Friend of mine recently installed a guarded cylinder enhancement set it his p90. Issue is that his fps dropped from 340 or so to just over 120fps. Has anyone else had this issue and how might we go about fixing it. -Rebel
  16. Thanks jp. Uploading the maps do now I can't control my excitement knowing its right around the corner.
  17. I know times are tough and people are wanting to buy new gear but I have one request from the airsoft community. Please if you could go and buy 1 case of water or Gatorade and donate to your local fire department. Many fire departments are running dangerously low on drinks and snacks for these firefighters. Many of them, including me, have been out battling these fires for 3 days straight with little to no sleep. Many are taking off work regardless of their financial status. Anything will be very much appreciated. Thank you, Spencer Craig Keystone Volunteer Fire Department.
  18. I personally can shoot from either hand. Wen though my weapon is not ambidextrous I practice shooting from both hands because I never know what the situation might call for. Everyone should practice shooting from both hands because you never know when you may sustain a injury to your dominate hand or need to shoot from your less dominate hand to keep yourself for becoming less exposed.
  19. That was very useful. Thanks alot.
  20. Looking at investing in some NVG's. Just curious as to what everyone else runs and mounts. Looking at something that's not goin to break the bank that I can mount to my ops core. Doesn't have to be mil-grade or super powerful see everything for miles. Just something so I can walk around during night ops an see where I'm going. Sorry if this is in the wrong spot.
  21. Rebel


    Throw it in a building and it's just like tear gas
  22. Could we print them off, have them notarized at the court house and mail or faxed them to AMS or would you rather have them scanned and email them back?
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