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    Tulsa Airsoft and Outdoor sports and Impact tactical sell the tactical sport smoke grenades for about $9 a piece. Discounted prices for packaged deals at Tulsa Airsoft.
  2. Unfortunatly i will be unable to attend. I'll be getting my EMT license that month.
  3. Will we be allowed to shorten the bandages or do they need to remain full length? Or even possible be allowed to tie them up into a band and just slip them on and good to go.
  4. Well gr the 416 cqb I can vouch that it is a excellent weapon platform. I run it stock minus a 455mm 6.03 tbb hidden with a madbull suppressor. I get about 150 foot max range with the r-hop installed. The ergonomics on the platform are phenomenal and I truly enjoy and recommend the gun to everyone.
  5. I'm now running 10 of the elite force midcaps. At 1400 rounds I'm not running back to reload all the time and typically only go though 5-6 before I respawn. The amount is still manageable weight wise yet I can shave a mag or two and still have plenty of bb's for my primary. And for my secondary I run a extended mag in my ATP and two standard mag reload. All this for a total of just under 1500 bb's loaded.
  6. Well at this rate there won't be any slots alert by the time my vacation resets for the new year
  7. Gunna have to start building me up some comp time.
  8. Oakley hard knuckles. Comfortable, lightweight, doesn't add extra bulk to my hands thus not causing any issues with trigger tigger guard not being big enough. Only issue is my hands get real sweaty and it retains alot of moisture.
  9. Rebel

    Happy Thanksgiving

    And a safe and happy thanksgiving to all you at the AMS staff.
  10. Thread can be locked and archived.
  11. I'm not looking for trades. Price is negotiable yet only serious offers will be looked at. Im selling my Echo 1 stag arms full metal body AEG. Internally the gearbox internals are stock while the Gearbox shell has been replaced. I'm not sure what brand exactly but is a metal reenforced box. Only upgrades are a Mad bull 6.03 455mm inner barrel, Mad bull Ultimate Hopup unit. Externally has a Mad bull Gem-tech HALO suppressor to hide the inner barrel and has a Daniels Defense Omega 7" Rail, ICS crane stock and rewired to the rear. Chronoed at ORY at 375 consistently over 5 bb's and has about a range of150-175 and still able to hit a man sized target . Unsure of the BB's per second but is around 15-16 with a 9.6v 1600mah battery. Has always used elite force bb's. Comes with all in the picture gun, 4 300rd E1 high caps, vertical grip (unsure brand), and UTG rear sight. Can include original hardware if requested. (fore grip, stock) EDIT: also comes with one (9.6v 1600mah battery if requested) Now the bad, It does need a new motor grip. The rear screw hole on the motor plate stripped out at ORY and i don't have the funds to replace it. I can meet in Tulsa area for pick-up and payment and prefer payment be done through pay-pal. If needs shipped buyer pays shipping. Asking $300 OBO sorry for poor quality photo PM with any questions ~ Rebel
  12. I'd love to go to this....having trouble locating and financing all the equipment. Maybe the year after though.
  13. I'm a detention officer with the Tulsa County Sherriffs office in Oklahoma.
  14. The pads yes. The straps im not 100% sure because I've never handled a real ops-core.
  15. I run the type "B" it's more breathable and let's more heat escape in my opinion. Plus comes with the full Velcro kit for the same price and the "A"
  16. I run the Emerson off there. It's comfortable and fits me well and I have a large head. Definitely would replace the pads if you buy the Emerson because they are like bricks. But otherwise it's good for a replica.
  17. And it made the front page - fellow redditor
  18. Oakley hard knuckle. Best gloves for me so far.
  19. Yeah something told me I'd be the first causality of the day. Good shootin there Danarchy.
  20. Rebel


    I'm not real good with AAR's but it was a blast. Any time there was a issues the admins were swift to take care of the issues. It was our first op as a team and certainly found alot of faults that are going to be addressed but overall probably the best experience that we could have gotten. I had alot of gun issues thought the day. Naturally anything that could go wrong went wrong in my case but I still had a blast. Can't wait for the next one. Edit: Also one thing i would like to see a rule set amended to state that dead players must place their dead rag on their head. I don't know how many times i saw players holding their dead rags in their hands and then get mad when they continued to be shot. It'll lead to one less thing a player needs to guess on and one less thing admins have to deal with when a dead player gets mad cause someone shot him after he was dead. my .02 cents
  21. I wasn't planning on doing anything anyway. Nothing's ever happened to it before. I just love hearing what people do. Everyone's creativity in this sport amazes me and was hoping for a really whacked out story. Plus if I burn something out it'll just be a couple things and it'll be fine anyway.
  22. Rebel

    Rain out

    Jp already stated the op will continue and we are expected to play in the conditions at hand. Just like good old' milsim should be.
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