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  1. I always seem to avoid the camera or I'm just outta frame.
  2. Lost a multi-tool. Wood grips. Really would like it back due to the sentimental value of it.
  3. I've bought from nasty and metal both times were excellent experiences. Items were as described and arrived well packaged.
  4. Where are the barracks at for those of us showing up Friday?
  5. When are we going to see a finalized roster?
  6. Ill take the eotech and m3 light if you can bring them to rebel yell
  7. S.O.R.T tryouts have been moved to August. Guess who will be getting to go now.
  8. Well, do the date change I will not be able to attend now due to the date being the same as try Outs for the Special Operations Response Team for the sheriffs Office Jail. Y'all have fun.
  9. Loved it last year. Not going to miss it this year. UFS pride.
  10. Neither of those worked for me
  11. Currently the only chance of rain is Sunday evening @40% after the game has concluded. We're looking at low to mid 80's for the weekend. Think we have dodged a bullet this year.
  12. Second the EF mids. Had extra after I made my kit so I use them as my test mags for customers guns. They have fit and fed in every gun I've tried from just about ever manufacture.
  13. There is a saying here in Oklahoma and it goes a lil like this. "If you don't like how the weather is outside, wait 20 minutes and it'll change."
  14. Yes please. Cause it's either this or I'm sleeping in my car for the weekend.
  15. Yeah I take my real plates out and put the cheap plastic fake plates back in just to keep the fit the same.
  16. Well even with my late start at PT due to not knowing whether or not I knew if I could go. Running twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night in my BH2 kit (without my rifle and pistol of course) I'm clicking in at 3 miles without kit at roughly 21-22 minutes and 27-30 with kit. Thank you volunteer firefighting for keeping me in shape.
  17. Question? Do you have to be 21 to have one of these rooms or not? If not then I need one for Friday and Saturday night.
  18. My question is: if the squad leader decides combat shirts. Does everyone in the squad have to run them or cab some where a BDU top? I know squads have to match and some guys we plan on running with at Broken Home wanted to know if they have to go buy them too or can they run their BDU tops. Sorry just needed some clarification.
  19. Where might one acquire one of these puppies? Be nice to cut down on two separate push to talks for my duel pukings.
  20. This is where i bought mine. Your in luck. Ranger Green and Multicam is all thats left in stock. http://www.skdtac.com/Shellback-Banshee-Plate-Carrier-p/shb.125.htm
  21. It's called milsim for a reason.
  22. Rebel

    unsafe actions

    Check the comments on the video now. "Hey this is Chief, the manager of DFWAP. This is the most immature, disrespectful and dishonorable thing I have seen in a long time, from a group of people (Airsofters) that I had a higher respect for. We cannot allow players like you to represent the park in any way. Therefore you are banned from DFW Adventure Park. I politely ask you to take this video down or change the name so YOU are not representing AIRSOFT or DFWAP."
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