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  1. Found and bought. Can close and move.
  2. Looking at where to buy new or if someone had a set they would be willing to sell.
  3. Fake plates sold. Price dropped on Banshee package dropped to $150
  4. Price dropped $160 for the Banshee package $50 for the hydro $200 for all This includes shipping.
  5. No. Bought a new plate carrier so trying to off some of the old stuff. Prices are negotiable.
  6. Pig 2L hydration carrier with Source WXP 2L bladder with storm valve. - $65 Shellback Tactical Banshee Rifle Plate Carrier in Coyote Brown. No rips or tears and all the stitching is still in tact. Included are 2 Pig M4 Magazine inserts, Shellback Tactical Banshee Shoulder Pads (CB), and two plastic medium plates. - $180 Buy pays shipping PayPal or cash in person. Packaged deal negotiable.
  7. Because when you allow one more pattern for this op then you'll add another to the next and the next till you have what happened very recently and have nearly every camo pattern on the list. This then makes what I consider a very expensive weekend game that's very loose fitting to Milsim. I personally would like to see less than what there is. I would like 2-3 patterns allowed per faction and that's it. Quite frankly if you can't go out and buy a ~$30 uniform from army surplus then you need to find a different event. Everyone should have a set of m81 and a set of 3dcu. That way you will almost run into no issues at any event you go to. My. 02 cents
  8. You must pre-register for all events.
  9. It is not considered a support weapon at this time. There are multiple threads about this. It is still considered a standard rifle or dmr if you choose till further notice.
  10. Lost: multi-tool. Faux wood handles. Lost in the southern field of Colevile on Saturday morning.
  11. You have to be 18 to ride in the helo.
  12. You get. 25's in your player pack. Kastway will have more than that.
  13. Last year I used 4 9.6 1600mah batteries the whole weekend. That was with a whole lot of front line in the mix the whole weekend though. Keep in mind semi auto will drain your battery a lil faster though.
  14. It is just like it sounds. You must actually drag them across the ground by their drag handle or medic them in place. One thing that is not clarified is if a sole individual can carry someone, aka fireman's carry.
  15. Baofeng uv-5r. Great radio for your buck. Upgrade battery ($15) and antenna ($7) and your golden. It's easy to program once you learn how. (Learned in YouTube) accepts most Kenwood 2 pin connectors fit your headset or ptt.
  16. Bump: Price dropped to $75.
  17. Finally could get to a computer to upload a photo.
  18. Last year they were $500. You'll have to wait until the event info is posted to get a definite price.
  19. Selling my HSGI Suregrip Battle Belt in CB small with the medium 1.75 HSGI Cobra Riggers belt. I outgrew this size and need to upgrade. $85 for local pickup in Tulsa/Sand Springs or $100 shipped obo. PayPal or cash in person. Well upload a photo tomorrow.
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