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  1. Pace yourself. This AO will kill you if you don't respect it. Take it slow and drink water whenever you can. Listen to your squad lead and don't be a free lancer. And most important have fun because that's why we all do this sport.
  2. Rebel

    Early arrival

    The field will be open on Thursday starting at noon however you can not check in or chrono until Friday when it opens.
  3. Both top and bottom must be within faction colors/patterns as outlined in the registration.
  4. What is reasonably priced for you and you fps limit?
  5. Just cause there is no burn ban doesn't mean people shouldn't exercise extreme caution. It's been red flag Fire dangers for the past few weeks because we are in the middle of fire season here and it hasn't been very forgiving on us volunteer fireman.
  6. Clarification please on magazine limits. 7 mags total including the one in the gun correct.
  7. Make sure you all have the same team affiliation listed in the correct box when you purchase your ticket and you will all be placed in the same squad.
  8. Elite force 140rd. Minimal break in required and have always feed in my 416 without any issues.
  9. Sidearm's must shoot under 400fps. So the 330fps version is what you should get.
  10. I might have a pig hydro carrier laying around that I would sell ya. Coyote brown. Lays Flat on the back of the plate carrier. Will include malice clips. If your interested.
  11. No. If it is not on the list of approved camos on the event page then it is not allowed. This has been addressed multiple times and the answer is still no. Please do so looking on the forums before posting. Please and thank you.
  12. You can have as many magazines as you want but the total load between all the magazines can not exceed 1500 rounds
  13. G-code is what I'm using. I have the both the OSH and SOC holsters (light bearing). Both are very high quality but the lead times are next unbearable at 6-8 weeks for your holster and mount. Not to mention are rather expensive. Blade tech is also a really good option. Don't have one for a 1911 but a XDM9.
  14. What if i already bought a regular enlistment ticket but wanted a support ticket. I only live an hour and a half away and wouldn't mind helping.
  15. Short answer is no. Support weapons have to replicate their real steel counter-part. So a m4 with a drum mag would not be allowed.
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