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  1. I was a first timer on the UFS side. I arrived and checked in Friday (which I loved the option to do that was there, great job AMS). Saturday I chrono'd and attended the brief. The weather was spotty, with rain falling every so often. When I was trying to form up into squads, it was kind of ridiculous how everyone was just blindly searching for the guys they've never met. The guy next to me didn't have anyone from his squad around at all, and had to lone wolf. My squad, however, was led by a guy who was also a first timer, and had no real experience. I'll get back to this. We started out for the FOB, and I didn't mind the hike too much. I helped set up our command tent and got ready to fight. Our goal was to take a set of buildings inside the city. We planned our route and got on it. The game started, and everything was going great until my squad started disintegrating under the weak leadership we had. By halfway through the day, half my squad had disappeared. My squad wasn't the only ones disappearing, my team was slowly thinning out. By the afternoon, there was a noticeable difference in the size of the UFS troops. The thinning out of guys wasn't a big deal, except those who stayed were completely useless. Half our team was sitting in our FOB, talking about pointless things. I had to fix my gun once, and during the time I had to stay in the base, I witnessed a 20-30min conversation between a huge group of guys and our commander about full seal goggles. Not how we could take back building X. Not how we could flank. They were weighing the pros and cons of full seal goggles while our team was getting stomped. And they're hardly the only example. There was tons of dudes with their Gucci delta seal whatever kits sitting on their boxes, checking their Instagram. It was ridiculous, and the fact nobody wanted to actually fight left us guys still going out into the field unable to do anything because we had no backup and no medics. Speaking of people not doing anything, it would be nice if we were given real objectives besides "go kill bad guys" by our commander. He's a nice guy, but in my opinion was more interested in socializing than putting a strategy to win us the game. I admired how well COST command structure put their plans into motion, and wish UFS had the right command and the troops to do it. The UFS troops, besides being straight up unwilling to fight, had no balls to actually take new buildings, which was a huge reason we lost. Every time we took a building, we'd get all content and not bother taking another one, and be too scared to rush it. I was totally down, but it's not like me and my shrinking-by-the-minute squad could take a whole building by ourselves. We needed backup. I never actually understood the role of the SD guys in this Op, so if someone wants to explain that feel free. I only saw them leaning out of windows and throwing skittles at people lol. The actually subway tunnel was interesting. I got caught up there multiple times. The rules said you can't shoot in it, but you can shoot through it. I had people stand in the doorframe of the tunnel, so they were really close to not being in the tunnel, but still were, and shooting me. I was under the impression that was not allowed. Next year all I ask is that either you clearly define all possible scenarios, or just let us shoot inside it. I know this is a lot, but there was a lot to talk about. I only say all this to add constructive criticism and comments of my personal experience. While I wasn't blown away, I still liked this first AMS event of mine, and fully plan to return next year for IH3, only on COST, because they seem to have it together. If UFS changes, however, I'd totally fight for the #UFSWARMACHINE
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