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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. might help if you post a size you’re looking for or what your dimensions are.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  3. I know it’s a long shot but have a buddy looking for a COST ticket if anyone needs to sell last minute. Hit me up and we’ll work out the details. And yes I know UFS is open but we’re already on COST so he’s joining or sitting out. #COSTPRIDE
  4. Can Sean Deal and Christopher Cox be paired together please we’re both on the same team.
  5. @XA Adon, Thanks, I sent a message to your Customer service to place the order using PayPal
  6. Are you using just the radio or are you using a headset?
  7. Is the TAG-ML36 launcher, Standalone kit and spare shells in stock? I would like to place an order in time for BH7 but want to make sure you have them available.
  8. Are you going to be at BH7? If so I think I still have a CA box mag that I never use I could sell you but I have to double check
  9. Don’t really need it the idea is to stay lite and conduct recon for vital intel not fight long drawn out engagements.
  10. Once the OPORD is pushed out to the commands you should get access to your factions forum, in the meantime you can sign up for the COST Facebook page to get any open source info there as well as get up to date info that’s passed out. Welcome to the winning side
  11. We have a severe thunderstorm run through last yearon Saturday it’s pretty common for that area around that time of the year
  12. Yes Operations Order and those will be sent out via email that you provided from your faction leadership.
  13. . We’ll find out if and when MRP’s will be used during the OPORD . You can have as many batteries as you need or can carry . It is possible and encouraged but your gear will not be watched so lock it up, the other issue is getting it to you FOB, it may be a hike from the staging area I would encourage you to focus on bringing water, this AO will crush you if you’re not prepared Hydrate or Die literally. . There’s a Comms matrix in the BH thread there will be for details in the OPORD from your faction delegating what channel is for what Platoon/squad. Depending on if you get thrown into a squad they may have a specific channel they use. . Everyone there will most likely be running a 5watt radio, unless your running a base station with long range antenna the AO is going to determine you comms usability . I’ve seen people use that smoke and it should be fine, they just don’t want people using red, as long as it’s cold burning and not home made they’re fine. . I don’t have a glossary of acronyms but I’m sure with a quick google search you’ll find it. Not sure what acronym you’re asking about. Hope this helps and remember drink water, bring a case of water and sign up for your faction on Facebook they can help get you answers quickly and even help get you lined up with a squad ahead of time if you ask.
  14. Checked your webpage and you’re all out of EG18X smoke, I’m looking to do a bulk order will you have these for BH7?
  15. Looking at it I would say it’s clean close enough that if you wore it most would think it’s just lightly faded. I wear something similar in the green version for COST and you can’t really tell the difference form true MARPAT. The only thing that really makes MARPAT what it is is the EGA imbedded into the pattern.
  16. JP I submitted a POV Request and it was approved the same day on 1March. (Still have the email) I’ve confirmed with Yuk that I’m one of two know requests that were approved for our faction.
  17. Airsoft_geek no there is no way of knowing other than speaking with faction leader on what vehicles he has approved and the confirmation email that I received when I first submit my POV with AMS.
  18. Just checked the ticket bud, did they just open up more vehicle passes for COST or did all the previously approved POV passes get canceled? Shows three available when it only showed one yesterday.
  19. Generally if manning allows it you’ll be paired up with another smaller squad/group to fill out a full 12 man squad or they’ll add a bunch of randoms to your group. As for the special roles it is not required for a squad to have any of those roles however it puts you at a great disadvantage to not have at least a medic and SSW roles filled, usually in this case if there is a random that signs up with no team and the volunteer to be SSW the May automatically place him in your squad to fill the role. Most teams will fill these roles internally to ensure they have a competent player filling it. Hope this helps. Also bear in mind as rifleman all of you will be required to stay on semiauto hense the importantance of the SSW role.
  20. I would recomend going on Facebook and joining the CoST page, you’ll be able to see if anyone near you’re location is going.
  21. Have you read the rules yet? If not I would go over everything as it will explain each roles job and limitations. http://americanmilsim.com/forum/index.php?/topic/3201-american-milsim-ruleset/
  22. Ok sounds good, I wasn’t sure if JP finally went with the change that no Taginns were going to be used against vehicles. I just remember some of vehicle crew complaining at BH6 about their gunner getting hit by a round. I think if it gets cleared up in the rules that will help.
  23. As I read the updated rules it said only foam nerf rockets can take out a vehicle, am I to assume Taginn rounds can longer be used to kill vehicles? I remember this being a question at Broken Home 6 during the vehicle brief so I am just seeking clarification for my sake since I’m bringing a vehicle again this year.
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