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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. Ironhorse 2 AAR This was my first AMS game, my first milsim game, and my first airsoft game! The event was incredible, the AO was amazing. I had a rough time, with some amazingly bad luck and circumstances, and yet it was a blast! I found IronHorse videos in January, and signed up, with no guns, no gear. Much of my stuff arrived on Friday, including my batteries and BBs. One of my rifles was supposed to be 420 fps, but with no chrono, I had no idea. So I swapped springs in the gearbox at midnight Sat morning. The wife decided to try her gear that night too...Lol, we all know you dont just put on gear and go, so she spent hours getting fitted while I dove in a V3 gearbox and hop up upgrade. With no sleep we headed to Perry Ga. DONT ARRIVE LATE!! We did, and played catch up all day. First we missed the safety meetings. Fortunately we werent alone, but I saw how it set AMS behind accommodating us late arrivals. The running between parking lot and HQ took time, but finally got chrono'd (328 after spring change! All that work for a slow shot). After another run to parking lot to get geared up and realized I had too much crap. Got it narrowed down to a rolling tote and rolling cooler...still waay too much!! We missed the transport to FOB, so we spent the next hour dragging our gear 2.5 miles to FOB in the rain. We're older, so this was exhausting. Most of Cost was set up in the open, but we set up under a tree and made cover. After resting and regearing we met our unit and headed into town. With a low 300s FPS, i wasnt a threat to anyone. The engagement distances were high, and you couldnt even feel rounds hit you. Despite this, combat near the rubble was great and headed back to FOB to get ready for night. I rented some NVG from Milsim Nods LLC and couldnt wait to use them. Do to the high humidity from the rains, my brand new Eye protection was fogged up instantly...Walked around the FOB, but that was it. Time to pack up all that gear and make sure I get a ride to the parking lot!! Sunday...DONT BE LATE!! My old self woke up late and guess what, missed the transport again. This time we had downsized to a backpack! Did the 2.5 miles, and jumped into the fight. On the way to meeting with my unit I was redirected by my CO Yuk to hold the subway tunnels. Had a blast defending the tunnel then walking around the city. My second time back, it had become a ghost town. I entered a building i was in previously and 2 men in black walked by me. I stepped up behind them and began to talk with them. Turned out they were SD and i was in thier building, lol! They didnt have orders to shoot me, and i was too confused to safety kill them. So i said goodbye and jumped out their window. I continued walkin around the city unchallenged. I even walked up to the UFS aid station before encountering resisitance. Apparently everybody was pushing on the West so nobody was on the East Side. After getting shot I enjoyed the veiw as CoST pushed up behind me. What a great perspective of the battle as Jet and the Austrian guys pushed past and medic'd me. At the end there was the raffle and I decided to stay. I figured it would be some cheesy swag, but what the hell, lets check it out. Walking up they were hurling silicone cans into the crowd! Lol, heads up for realz!! I never win raffles, but I was hoping the wife would win something....when my number was called I didnt even expect it...No way, me?? I won a gun, and posed for pics...what the hell is a Polar Star?? As everyone congratulated me and growled at my fat-ass I realized I must have won something good, lol. I am now the new father of a G&G PDW 15 with a PolarStar Jack conversion, done by PolarStar!! Now that I know what I have, I am really looking forward to a different airsoft experience! Thanks to AMS, Guardian Centers, Polar Star, all the players, especially the folks in Utah 5 that I only saw once, but they helped out alot! Its a shitty experience for everyone if youre late, so arrive early! And get your gear and test it before going. For your own enjoyment and for the teammates you are supposed to be supporting. My only complaint would have been for a second round of transport to the FOB. For late players (some people drove a long way and had a valid excuse) and for those that had to hike to parking lot for repairs or rest. I can also second the need for more vehicles or obstacles to close engagement distances, and opening more of the second floors. Of course these things are probably more Guardian Center restrictions than AMS restrictions and didnt hurt the game at all. In fact the longer engagement distances made for some strategic planning when entering town. I'm looking forward to my next AMS event. Thank you all again
  2. Thank you for this post. I lost an AKASO action cam (GoPro clone). Its in a clear case, with a cracked lens. It was lost between tree at CoST FOB and the buildings on East side of city. Thank you guys again!
  3. OP IronHorse2 : Black AKASO 4K cam inside GoPro case. Possibly still zip-tied to nvg adaptor mount. Was lost between CoST FOB or in buildings east side of city. Thank you very much!
  4. Thank you all so much! I was planning based on last years schedule I thought, which had a break. The clarification of '10 hour straight, on the other end of AO' was a great surprise. I had to rethink this entire event and my approach. In paintball it was skirmish then tailgate, repeat. I now see this is a full 10 hour immersion!!! Im nervous and cant wait!!!! My poor wife though is just nervous....
  5. Thank you very much! That helped alot! One last clarification about #3). We will have access to the parking lot during game? Or you mean during the off hours? Im interpreting it as 10 hours no access to parking lot till exercise is over... And one new question. Is a wheeled storage bin transportable to FOB, or is that overkill? Should I stick with backpacks? Thank you again for your patience folks!
  6. Sorry guys, newb questions here. We're 10 hours away from our cars... 1) Porta pottys, or bring a shovel? 2) Shelter, setup a tent at FOB? 3) Charging? I was planning on back up charging in car. (Iphone and things that dont have spare batteries?) 4) Smoke breaks? If we field strip, is smoking acceptable at FOB? 5) If FOB's are attackable, what happens to our stuff if the area is held by enemy? How do we get to our PopTarts? Im sorry if these have been covered, please forgive the newbness!
  7. Thank you so much. And again, thanks for these great events! Am I safe to assume my Gorka (green, no camo) wont cost my team points?
  8. Hey, new to AMS! Ive read all the rules, watched the videos, sold my kids, bought gear and now I just have these questions for staff. 1) Im new, so I dont know how serious you guys take your greens. I have several green sets of BDUs from the last 25 years. They were always called OD green, but each set I have could pass for every shade of green on a cerakote or duracoat chart. Judging by the desrt camo response, If it looks green it should pass? 2) Ive seen requests, and approvals to wear Gorkas. It being a BDU style uniform and green (or tan for UFS)...will they continue to be allowed? (Im sure the Russians would be giving away crates of Gorkas and AKs to both sides ). Thanks for organizing the airsoft community for such incredible events!! This is what I dreamed of 25 years ago when all we had was marker pistols....AMS is a positive direction for airsoft, as well as MilSim, and I hope to support AMS for years to come! Great job on successfully accomplishing what seems like an incredible logistical nightmare!!
  9. VoodooFDF


    Thank you again sir! Im sure Ill be ok ..I hope. I guess my motivating factor is I have these 3 uniforms and myself and my wife to outfit. She would love the idea of going out shopping!! Im still scrounging for gear, so one less uniform saves me some trouble. But yes sir, not at the expense of the team. When applying for Ironhorse, it says od green. But then the new Ironclad uniform change says Ranger Green. Thats where I got concerned my uniforms may not work. Im probably concerned over nothing, but shot the question out there in case. Thanks again for your time! Looking forward to IronHorse2
  10. VoodooFDF


    Ok, thanks alot. I promise I read the rules, , so I was just curious how strict the 'green' allowances were... 1) Since Magpul came out, the color OD Green is drastically different than the WWII OliveDrab I grew up with. Now what about my green BDU's...? Back in the old days we called them OD Green, but Ive not seen a 'Ranger' green BDU...? Do I need a Pantone color chart or should I be GTG? 2) Forgive me, I assumed my Gorka would fall under 'BDU type' uniform. And since its all green, I assumed it would fall under the 'green' category. I thought all I had to worry about was the shade of green... ... Please dont crush my hopes of looking like a Russian 'tourist', lol. Thank you again!
  11. VoodooFDF


    I was just about to post about this, so I'll just hitch a ride. Forgive me, FNG here. I have my MARPAT for CoST. But I also have a set of green Russian Gorka 3 (for wet or cold) as well as my old OD Green BDU's. Im also curious how specific the shade of green has to actually be? Is it 'ranger' green only or is green green? Can I wear my Gorka in the AMS? Thanks
  12. Thats a shame about Blanding. I thought I had seen games there, or people playing OPFOR. Thanks for the input, and I guess I will be happy for Ga and SC events! It would be nice to see some 'woods' games down south here. Something in the mountains of Ga or Tn, much like the Broken Home, Reindeer Games footage Ive seen. I would love to take part in something heavily wooded on this coast. Thanks AMS for these incredible events, and I look forward to the future ones!!
  13. Camp Blanding, FL? Thats what they do there...and Im just trying to get a game in Florida
  14. Thanks guys. I hope I can go up early, but probably will be later. Im re-reading rules and watching lots of videos. I notice the uniform rules will be changing at Ironclad. But I also see when people ask, there is usually some flexibilty. My only uniform question is if Gorka 3 is allowed. Mine is olive and ranger green, so Im curious If it will pass at IronHorse, or after that when OD green gets dropped. I like the quality of Russian gear and think its highly likely to see Russian 'tourists', like we did in Ukraine. I do have Marpat too, so I do have a set within regs, but just curious if I can also play in my Gorka this time or in the future?
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