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    Thank you everyone for all the responses! Y’all have been a huge help!
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    Hi all, I’m hoping to run an SR-25 under the classification of a DMR but I saw in the rules that DMRs must be incapable of shooting full auto and mine does not have that set up. Is that still the case and if so how is that done (I’m a pretty low level Airsoft tech). Thanks in advance!
  3. I just picked up an HPA Kit and noticed that HPA passes are no longer available. Is there any way to get one or can individual fills be payed for on site?
  4. Thanks for the help. I use a gas rifle so I only have 30 rounds per mag and was thinking of using them intermittently to keep track of shots in the darkness. I'll take your advice into consideration though.
  5. I was wondering if tracer rounds were allowed for low-light ops. I'm aware that only bio BB's are permitted and I don't know of any tracer rounds that are biodegradable so would there be an exception there or are they just not allowed? Thanks!
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