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    I have read ams rules but it seems that of green and ranger green are now looking alike and was just wondering about if I could use my flight suit I have seen another's playing in them but I know things changed this year just wondering if the sage green flight suit which is the only green that the have for flight suitsgreen flight suit
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    Hey can we use the sage green flight suits the match up with ranger green but the suits are called sage green is that okay
  3. There actual an old decommissioned navel base in florida near Jacksonville it's been abandoned since 2008 when a hovercraft company used it to build 60 to 100 ft hovercraft and in 2008 couldn't finance it and abandoned everything it looks like an amazing place for a milsim game
  4. Of course I'm always wanting to learn things and try new ideas thank you see you there
  5. Hey guys been in airsoft since 2007 and got out of it in 2013 since the army wouldn't let me have airsoft guns in barracks just now getting back into this my whole time never knew about milsim and from what I have read and watched is awesome and very friendly almost makes me feel like I'm going back to the military. Plus any advice since I'm going to operation ironclad 3 and it will be my first milsim I have read the rules and I'm gathering my gear now. And I'm from crestview florida
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