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  1. Welcome. Don't worry too much about teams for now. Just enjoy the fights and you'll find one that suits you.
  2. Just realized I never posted my callsign. 13ear (bear for those of us who aren't nerds). Old friend from high school gave it to me. Long story lolz.
  3. 13ear


    Roflmmfao! Nice.
  4. You do what you can when you can. I've got two kids, almost airsoft mini age lolz. Pretty soon they'll get their first springers and the fun begins Bwahahahahahaha. Welcome !
  5. I know what you mean. I found a mag saver on Asgi and I'm seriously going to order a couple of them for that very reason. It looks like an elastic sumo wrestler diaper (yes I know its not a diaper but idr what its called, you get my point) that wraps around the grip of the pistol and the bottom band slips over the mag.
  6. Granola bars, small bags peanuts, etc. Also, get a pouch of gatorade powder. If you get dehydrated you can eat the powder with a quick drink of water to help jumpstart your recovery. Obviously, don't do too much but it can help you drastically. Anyone who played with me at the ach knows I hounded people about it and even at broken home I made sure people were doing it as they crashed. Too many people dehydrated. I still have like 15-20 pouches of gatorade that I hand out at events so people have them with their kits.
  7. What's the weight? I'll need to calculate shipping if I can't drive out to you.
  8. Where are you located? I want to know if I can come pick it up. Should have the $400 in the next couple weeks. Tried to pm but no reply.
  9. Txt me 405-712-2223. I have an offer.
  10. Famas is gone. Plz close/lock/kill this thread lolz.
  11. Famas is spoken for. Should be gone this weekend. And it looks like no one here wants it lolz. Can lock if you wish.
  12. Hi people! I'm looking to trade my famas. Shoots about 420fps with .2g bbs last I chrono'd. Comes with an 8.4v 1100mah standard nimh battery. And a 200 round hi cap mag. Will post pics ASAP. I can always txt pics if anyone's interested. I'm looking to trade for either a new gbb pistol with 2 mags, or hopefully 4 kjw 1911 gbb mags. Prefer hi cap double stack, but will use standard single stack mags if that's all I can get. Really, I'll consider all offers. I just don't use this gun. Feel free to txt me at 405-712-2223.
  14. I'm pretty sure I saw these in the back of the lnf truck. Dunno who'd have them now, but someone does.
  15. Lost a KJW 1911 green gas mag. Has a red and white stripe on one side as well as a 13 that looks like a B in silver sharpie. Possibly lost in the ravine between coleville and the airstrip. Or somewhere near Pegasus bridge. Tried to retrace steps after day one but I was so dehydrated and sore I couldn't focus. Thanks !
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