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  1. Got hired at a new job and can't really get time off for the OP now, so seeing if I can sell my ticket (last minute, I know). Asking $165, PM me if interested.
  2. I've heard rumors that the factions will be PSA (Pacific States Alliance) and UFS (United Federal States), which means no CoST (Coalition of Sovereign Territories) faction... my question is, is that true? Is it PSA vs UFS, or is it CoST vs UFS? I thought it strange the factions would be changed, and looking at AMS forums and Facebook I see no information saying it will change. Is the rumor mill just that, fake rumors, or will the factions be changed with PSA in it now for OP: 34? I wanted to post this publicly so others would have a place to stifle rumors, and get the right information. Thanks!
  3. I will be attending my first milsim at the next OP: 34 in April, and will have a group of people coming with me as well. I have been airsofting for about a year now, and have no experience when it comes to milsims for airsoft... but have been in the army for 5 years as an infantryman. I've been planning out how to organize our squad, and have been explaining to some of the people in my squad how to do certain tactical movements, etc... but have been told by people who have gone to previous OPs that I 'need to calm down'. That lead me to wonder how will the OP actually go...? My expectations are it will be run as a legit military operation (thats the appeal of milsim, from what I've seen), and thats how I have been planning things out according to my experiences, but how well does that translate to an actual milsim event like this? Specifically, I want input from other vets on how well our experience translates over to an airsoft milsim (and to OP: 34), and what I'd need to adjust in my mindset.
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