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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. Welcome, man! I believe the closest events to Florida so far would be Alabama and Mississippi, but I could be wrong. Hopefully the storyline will be getting an update soon, but if you search the forums a little, you can find the 'reasoning' behind each faction. As far as combat environments goes, it just depends on the AO. For example, this past weekend, we were playing at Ft. Hood's training facility. However, a couple months ago, we were playing in the middle of 7,000 broken down vehicles. As far as useful tips go, my opinion is if you get your team used to using comms and basic hand signals you will be on top of 60% of the teams out there. Be sure to head over to Facebook, as most of the action happens there nowadays.
  2. My son just got a plate carrier this weekend at IronClad, and he and I are trying to get ideas for pouch setup and etc.. any pics are welcome! TIA
  3. Hey everyone, one of the kids I've gotten into playing airsoft bought this gun at BH7, and it was working great until about a month ago, when it started to only shoot about 50-75 feet. The bb's are still feeding regularly. Is this something simple, or no? Thanks in advance, as he is needing it up and running for ESR.
  4. Even with the shorter range, the accuracy will make up for what you are used to with paintball.
  5. If I can figure out where it is and/or how to I will.
  6. I look forward to either working with you or shooting you in 2 weeks!
  7. I've been out of the scene for a few years now, but am happy to say I'll be bringing my boys with me to BH7! Hopefully they will fall in love with the sport, and I can continue the tradition for many years with them.
  8. From The Beginning To The Present: An Overview Chet Stedman - FNN News Situation: Strife in the Middle East makes oil more valuable than gold. The United States government passes federal regulation on oil producing states with heavy taxation. Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico and Alaska are hit the hardest. The coldest and most brutal winter in years hits the US. Thousands freeze in their own homes as fuel prices for heating goes through the roof, while simultaneously interstate commerce comes to a grinding halt. Louisiana, New Mexico and Alaska, led by Texas’ initiative, adopt the “Declaration of Immediate Causes Which Induce and Justify the Secession from the Federal Union.†The Coalition of Sovereign Territories is created, cleaving a large chunk out of the Mid-South region of the U.S., not to mention the vast Alaskan territory, which itself makes up almost as much land mass as the rest of the 45 contiguous states. The remaining States rally to create a more unified military nation: the United Federal States. The UFS begins concentrating troop movement toward bordering states in order to force the now seceded states to rejoin the Union. Oklahoma expresses interest in governing themselves and joining the Coalition. The UFS cannot afford to lose OK as well, so the Federal Government offers Oklahoma a compromise to govern themselves as well as exemption from taxation if they can fuel the UFS war machine. UFS & Marines attempt a two pronged attack in a attempt to keep Oklahoma in the Union. COST forces are somewhat successful against the attack. 2 days of fighting leaves the state split in two. A new front-line had been established across the state and was firmly in UFS control. Battles were both lost and won, front lines shifted but the war rages on. As the first rays of sunlight crept over the distant horizon, there was a general commotion as tanks, humvees, and helicopters blazed through the area, and the first shots of battle sounded out. Echoing through the forests were the shouts of enemies meeting enemies, each fighting for what they were sure was the right cause. The fight went on through the day, with surges across enemy lines as the Federal forces made a huge push to into Coalition territory. However, before the last bit of sunlight winked out behind the treetops, the relentless defense of COST forces muscled their way back through the UFS forces to regain all of what they had lost and then some. The next morning, the battle seemed focused on the seizure of Colleville, as heavy amounts of forces from both sides came crashing into the village, much like the hammer on a blacksmith's anvil. Back and forth they fought, never giving much respite to the other side, until finally at the end of the second day, the Federal forces regained control of the town, at least for the most part. It seems that the skirmishes are at an end for the time being, but each side has been noticeably regrouping, and it seems it will only be a matter of time before the fighting breaks out again. The only real questions is when, and where... However, as the dust settled on the Sunday evening, the war torn land of Oklahoma was in fact torn into two separate areas, with the Federal forces occupying and holding the Northeast section of the state, and the Coalition forces occupying the remaining half.
  9. Vox is the devil Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I897 using Tapatalk 2
  10. More Troop Movement Into CoST Areas Wes Mantooth – FNN As the days continue with no apparent progress in communications between the UFS and CoST, movement of troops remains in evidence as well. Another massive Federal troop placement was allegedly sighted earlier this week entering into Coalition territory. Tensions are continuously heightened as each new convoy heads toward Oklahoma territory, according to ex-Oklahoma Senator Heywood Jablome. Jablome was reported as saying that “the constant infringement and bullying aimed at our state… is forcing a decision of conflict upon the Coalition people.†He went further on in his interview to note that if we (Coalition forces) had made such an obvious effort at containing any Federal state to this extent, there would already be full out military repercussions. The former Senator feels that the Coalition forces have been extremely lenient up to this point, but warns that the time for leniency is past. One civilian reports that there have been sightings of missile caches somewhere in the rural parts of Coalition lands. If the alleged missiles are indeed present, the escalation of such an impending conflict may reach to excessive bounds in no time.
  11. The Inevitable Becomes Reality Brian Fantana - FNN Dark clouds are smouldering into red While down the craters morning burns. The dying soldier shifts his head To watch the glory that returns; He lifts his fingers toward the skies Where holy brightness breaks in flame; Radiance reflected in his eyes, And on his lips a whispered name. - Siegfried Sassoon (excerpt from "How To Die", 1st Stanza) At 5:41 this morning, the first signs of light crept into an overcast sky, giving way to a bright new day. As the golden fingers led the way ever Westward across the skies, several less beautiful convoys snaked their way through the twisted mountain roads, sporting drab greens, tans, and browns. Like a slow motion race, ever farther West the sun came, while the large caravans of military vehicles sprawled through the Oklahoma landscape, each one determined to reach their destination before the other. By midday, aerial shots brought to mind a busy anthill, with trails of winding insects following each other blindly, while deep underground a hidden ant calls out orders. The State government is still searching high and low for the exact location of Coalition leaders who, like the ant above, remain hidden somewhere in Texas or Oklahoma, if sources are to be believed, making decisions and passing along commands without a trace, other than obvious results.
  12. I am currently trying to cut back from two packages of little Debbie donuts and a thing of milk every morning, down to one package and the milk. Wish me luck! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I897 using Tapatalk 2
  13. Still can't find it. I suck buy I was really wanting to give you all someone to shoot at. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I897 using Tapatalk 2
  14. Well its about time! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I897 using Tapatalk 2
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