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  1. UAV/UAG's are used in Milsim events. Read ruleset and you will find the dos and donts. OMEGA
  2. Thanks ZERO, As a side note, Whats the turnout like in your area or Chicago? I actually live in Tennessee and we have Nashville airsoft, Bad Karma And Cartcon here. Great numbers of true patriots and players. Looking to spread this in or around the area where my family is. Thanks, OMEGA
  3. Im fishing for thoughts on opening a facility in South Bend IN. I would love a response from anyone in our group that lives in proximity to try to establish an idea of desirability. I am contemplating a structure capable of indoor and outdoor battle. Any response or ideas of wants is appreciated. Omega
  4. SOLID ADVICE!! I appreciate the feedback! Already moving on uniform prep. And Roger that SPECS on design. I would still like to put an idea in your hands, I also am a business owner and have need for that work in that arena. Be in touch, Over
  5. When will 2017 Ops schedule be out and will there be age restrictions listed

  6. When will 2017 Ops schedule be out and will there be age restrictions listed

  7. When will 2017 Ops schedule be out and will there be age restrictions listed

  8. When does a new calendar of ops for 2017 come out and will they list age restrictions?

  9. SPECS, I am not a facebooker and because of such I cant see your page. Is there any other way we can see your products?
  10. Thanks SPECS, I appreciate that. I agree with the friendly fire remarks. That was the reason for stating such. I hope to gain as much feed back as possible.
  11. Middle TN and we play at cartcon, bad karma, nashville airsoft
  12. My team and I are new to the AM games and wish to prepare for an event close to the end of the 2017 season. I am in charge of the team and want to know a few details. At these events can we camp? Are there means for that? I would most likely bring a camper as my team is eight deep. As most of you who would respond to this already know, two is one but do we really need two of everything?? Would these events have vendors there available to make repairs and sell parts or are we needing to have all those with us? We are in Tennessee and I have seen the uniform requirements per say but these are open ended and I was wanting a definitive answer to what's required and accepted. Is there anyone in our region that has pics of what our uniform looks like? Seems like there's room for friendly fire to happen due to the uniformity! Are these events held near facilities to eat or will I need to prepare my men for carrying that in our payload? As far as radios, are there an overwhelming type or kind used? Lastly, if there is anyone over our region that could com with us to help us hone our training by letting us know what way we can best serve our teams that would be awesome. We want to train this year to be an asset and look forward to being FSU!!
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