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  1. I think this is the main issue with society now, people are becoming to soft and far to involved in their "Feelings" I say screw it dont bend down to that way of thinking. In a milsim we dont need someone whos going to be soft and ask if the way you are speaking or conducting your business on the field is hurting some peoples feelings. WE want to win at all costs, winning = Fun and we all do this to have fun but also to win. Keep up the good work sir!
  2. Hey Man I would have to say the MAGs that I enjoy using in my ECHO1 KNIGHTS ARMAMENT SR-16E3 MOD 2 I like the (XTC 140 Round Mid Cap M4 mags) They work well little to no jamming and I have gotten close to 135 rounds of flawless shooting out of them thus far. They should work no problem with your G&P. I recommend Foxairsoft.com but its really your call.
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